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15 Bathroom Decorating and Remodeling Ideas

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Here are 15 bathroom decorating ideas for different budgets, decorating styles and remodeling challenges. Just choose your favorite decorating idea, then click the hyperlink for step-by-step instructions and pictures. Happy decorating!

#1. Remodel Your Old Bathroom Mirror with Bathroom Decorating

Give your plain bathroom mirror a modern makeover with an elegant wooden frame that you can build from cheap window casing. Even if you don’t have a miter saw, you can construct a simple jig that will allow you to cut the mirror frames at a 45 degree angle. It’s a simple bahtroom remodeling idea with stunning results. Here’s the step-by-step tutorial for this bathroom decorating and remodeling idea.

#2. Bathroom-Decorating with Paint for New-Looking Cabinets, Walls, Floor

Bathroom-decorating with paint is an easy way to freshen up old cabinets, walls and even floors. It’s cheap and anyone can do it. Discover how to remodel your bathroom counters, floors, shelves and cupboards using paint instead of a sledge hammer. Here are the tips-for-remodeling your bathroom with paint.

#3. Musical Bathroom Decorating Ideas

Musical bathroom-decorating are full of whimsy and add a layer of soothing sounds to the atmosphere you created with your decor. Here are four wonderful ideas-for-decorating your bathroom with musical sounds.

#4. Bathroom Shower Installation without a Wall

If you don’t have a wall next to your tub, how can you still have a bathroom shower? There are two solutions. You can invest money in buying a kit that will allow you to install an external shower rod. Or you can build a shower head that comes down through the ceiling, as I did. Here are the steps for this bathroom-remodel-idea.

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#5. Build a Shower Curtain Rod for a Free-Standing Tub

It’s hard to find a ready-made free-standing or clawfoot tub shower curtain rod that’s the perfect size. Without this enclosure, the tub becomes messy to use. But ordering a custom rod is expensive. Instead, create why not build your own shower curtain rod for a free-standing tub. Here’s how I implement this bathroom decorating-and-remodeling idea.

#6. Bathroom-Decorating Ideas for Narrow Bathrooms

A narrow bathroom can be made to look wider and larger with a few decorating tricks. And chances are you already have all you need at home. It’s a question of creating visual illusions and using bright, light colors. Here’s the tutorial for this bathroom decorating idea.

#7. Bathroom-Decorating Ideas for Small Bathrooms

Discover the four space-enhancing illusions of bathroom-decorating that will make a small bathroom look bigger. It’s a fun and cheap way of creating the illusion that your bathroom was remodelled, without actually breaking any walls. Here are the bathroom-decorating ideas for small bathrooms.

#8. Crochet a Plastic Soap Bag

Instead of throwing away your supermarket plastic bags, crochet them into beautiful drawstring bags for decorating your bathroom. These waterproof, recycled crafts are fun and functional. You can create them without spending any money, then hang them around your bathroom to dispense soap bars, toothpastes, shampoos or anything you like. Here’s the tutorial for this bathroom-decorating idea.

#9. Easy-to-Make Shelves with Shelf Brackets

Make your own display shelves, closet shelves, book shelves and bathroom shelves. It’s easy with shelf brackets. You can create special water resistant shelves to display towels, soap and anything else you wish to keep handy around your bathroom. Here’s the tutorial for making these easy bathroom-decorating shelves.

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#10. Ideas for Decorating Your Bathroom

Here’s a handful of bathroom-decorating ideas to freshen up your bathroom and give it whimsy and beauty. Create a retreat into which you can slip each evening and wash away the day’s cares. So check out these simple yet enchanting bathroom-decorating ideas.

#11. Bathroom Remodeling You Can Do Yourself

Consider doing some bathroom remodeling yourself and turn old into new, with these easy bathroom remodeling ideas for removing rust, patching holes in tubs, refinishing tarnished countertops and more. Here are the steps for implementing these decorative-bathroom-remodel ideas.

#12. How to Customize Towel Racks

To keep your bathroom fixtures looking like a set, don’t replace your towel racks when you want them to be longer or shorter. Instead, customize your towel racks to perfection. It’s a way to save money and keep your bathroom fixtures looking like a matching set. Here’s the tutorial for this bathroom-decorating and remodel idea.

#13. Bathroom-Decorating-Ideas for Winter

The best bathroom decorating ideas for winter combine beauty with comfort, from a towel warmer decorated with Origami towels, to a heater shelf, aromatic hanging baskets and other decorating ideas that will banish winter away. Here are these warm bathroom-decorating-ideas.

#14. How to Decorate a Bathroom with Beadboard Paneling

Discover how easy and glamorous decorating your bathroom with beadboard paneling can be. Hide moisture flaws or simply enhance the beauty of your bathroom walls by decorating with elegant wall panels. Here’s the tutorial-for-decorating your bathroom with beadboard paneling.

#15. How to Remodel an Old Bathroom on a Budget

Follow this example of an old bathroom remodel to discover ways in which you can remodel your old bathroom on a budget. I describe all the steps I took to remodel my bathroom by myself. How I saved money by creating the illusion of tiles. How I found a way to work with my exisiting bathroom fixtures. And how I set apart a laundry section from the rest of the bathroom. Here are my experiences of remodeling my old bathroom.

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