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How to Burn a Commercial DVD!

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The most frequent question I get asked is, “how would I back up my DVD I bought from the store?” After a long time of keeping it a secret, I will tell you, but first there are some more frequently asked questions about it. One is, “Is it Illegal? The answer is… It depends. If you own the DVD and you want to make a backup copy of it so nothing happens to it, that’s fine under the copyright laws. But if you rent and burn them or download them from the internet (which I don’t support or acknowledge), then you are violating copyright laws. Another question is, “Is it illegal to have the software in your possession?” The answer is no. It’s not illegal because it can also burn homemade DVD’s and it is up to the user to decide their fate. Now that all the questions are answered, it’s time to learn to burn!

Before you can start copping, you will need to have software. The product used in this tutorial is available at http://slysoft.com/. The software you will need is AnyDVD and CloneDVD2. There is a free demo that works perfectly, except it only works for 21 days. AnyDVD is for removing special code that makes it hard for you to copy the DVD. You cannot burn a DVD without this software! (Or others like it) CloneDVD2 is for transferring the data onto a disc and the actual burning. This is not completely necessary, but the two work together. If you can only afford one, you should get AnyDVD and use a regular DVD burning software instead of CloneDVD2. Download, install, and your ready to go!

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First, you need your DVD. Put it in your DVD drive and open up AnyDVD. When the DVD is loaded, the software will tell you what type of coding was found and if it was removed. After that, it is time to burn! But wait; there are two ways to do it. You can either burn it immediately, or you can save it to the hard drive then burn. I will talk about burning it immediately first. Close the AnyDVD window and open up CloneDVD2. After that, select the “Clone DVD” option. Go to the dropdown menu and select the DVD. Click next and continue to the next screen. On the next screen, wait for the bar at the bottom to load and press next. Then, continue to the next screen. To start the DVD burning process, simply press go! A new screen will be brought up with a 2 progress bars. When the first one is full, it will eject the current one and ask for a blank one. Replace the real one with the blank one and wait for it to copy. Once it is done, it will play a little tune and pop up a screen saying that it’s complete. Hit the eject button on that screen. Now all you have to do is label and watch it! Now for saving it to your hard drive. Close any open AnyDVD windows and right click on the icon in the task bar. Select rip video to hard disk. Select the DVD and hit copy! It will copy to the selected destination. To burn it, go to CloneDVD2. Select copy DVD. This time, instead of clicking on the DVD, Click on the file AnyDVD made. Then, hit next, next, and go, to complete your DVD. Congrats, you have successfully burned a DVD

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I take no responsibility for yours or slysofts actions; this was written for educational purposes only.

I hope you enjoy your new DVD’s and you learned a lot from this article. I will be writing more articles soon, so please check back for more.

Thanks for your time.