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How to Become a Ghost Hunter

Electronic Voice Phenomena

With all the popular shows on TV about hunting ghosts, more and more people are getting the idea that this would be a fun hobby. The thing that holds a lot of people back is not knowing where to start. The groups seen on the shows are groups that have grown to maturity. They have invested in technology and developed technique and an overall strategy for their investigations. This look at the completed product leaves beginners with the feeling of being overwhelmed.

The first step to becoming a ghost hunter is finding someone else who wants undertake investigations. Whether this is a group, or just one person, the first rule of ghost hunting is: Never do it alone.

There are basically 2 reasons for this rule: The first is safety. Even if you are a skeptic and don’t believe in anything supernatural, the safety factor applies. The fact of the matter is, there is a certain criminal element that would see a lone person as a victim, but a group as far too much trouble. You don’t want to be a victim. Also, if you step in a hole and break your leg, you really want someone with you to help. Investigations often take place in remote locations. It is imperative to have someone capable of getting help in the event of an accident. You must also consider the fact that you can’t always rely on your own perceptions of events. If you are spooked out, the imagination often makes you see or hear things that just aren’t there. Having a partner or group gives more witnesses to discuss events with.

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Step 2 in becoming a ghost hunter is getting some tools. Now on the TV shows, they have IR cameras, expensive digital recorders, EMF (electro-magnetic field) detectors, zero lux cameras that can record in pitch dark. This technology is great, but it’s out of reach for the average beginner. An entry-level ghosthunting group can perform pretty thorough investigations with basic equipment. A couple of cameras (both digital and film) are a must. You want both types because the differences in the 2 media might be the evidence you’re looking for. An inexpensive digital voice recorder. These are used for recording EVP (electronic voice phenomena). A good digital recorder can be had for less than $100. This is the basic equipment you’ll need. If your eventual goal is to transition into being a professional or semi-professional organization, you will want to set aside a budget to eventually add to your toolkit.

Step 3 is doing some investigations. Put out the word with people you know that you’re starting a ghost hunting group. Try to get word-of-mouth referrals to places that are reputed to be haunted. This may take a while, or even not happen at all until you develop a name in the field. Don’t be discouraged. Most young ghost hunting groups started their careers in public graveyards (Don’t forget to get permission from whoever actually owns or takes care of the graveyard.). These early investigations are necessary to learn to use the tools and develop an investigative methodology.

Following these simple steps, you can become a ghost hunter. Good hunting!!