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History of “Cold Case” Cast

Leatherheads, Nypd Blue

Since September of 2003, Detective Lilly Rush along with her fellow Philadelphia Homicide partners, have been solving cold cases. The series Cold Case, has recently been canceled by CBS. Cold Case had a good run of seven seasons on CBS. Although no new Cold Case episodes will be made, the re-runs can be seen on TNT. Cold Case solved cases that have been around for a while, mostly unsolved hohocides. The CBS show was almost canceled last season. This year the cast didn’t get a reprieve. All of the main characters will move on with their careers. Taking a look at their body of work, you will realize the cast members will soon be in demand for other roles. Here is a look at the Cold Case cast, and what they have accomplished.

Thom Barry is a veteran actor. On Cold Case, he played a detective named Will Jeffries. Barry is always in demand. For the last 15 years the actor has been appearing all over television, along with doing many movies as well. I remember Barry, from the popular series The West Wing. He portrayed a congressman. Barry has been on episodes of NYPD Blue, Jag, Chicago Hope, as well as numerous other series. The actor, who was born in Cincinnati, Ohio, [only he knows his age] has been on Cold Case since the shows beginning. Some of the more popular movies that Mr. Barry has appeared in are the following: 2 Fast 2 Furious, The Fast and the Furious, The Expendables, Rules of Engagement, Ghosts of Mississippi, and Air Force One. With a resume like his, Barry will keep busy as long as he wants to.

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Tracie Thoms joined the Cold Case crew in 2005. She was added to the cast as Senior Homicide Detective, Kat Miller. Thoms was born on August 19, 1975. She has an extensive background in the arts. Tracie has appeared on Broadway in The Oedipus Plays, and A Raisin in the Sun, to name just a few. On television,Thoms was a regular on Wonderfalls, a short lived series on the Fox television network. You may remember her playing on The Shield, a popular FX network series. Thoms was on that show for a cup of coffee in 2002. Thoms movie credits include the funny “The Devil Wears Praeda” and the 2007 movie “Grindhouse”, with Kurt Russel. The former Cold Case detective plays a wide array of characters. CBS probably already has a show in mind for her. Tracie Thoms will be in demand.

Jeremy Ratchford played Detective Nick Vera on Cold Case, since the show first aired on CBS, in September of 2003. Jeremy was born on August 6, 1965. He has done some work on Canadian television, as well as the United States. Ratchford has been on episodes of many action series. His television credits include: Walker Texas Ranger, Buffy The Vampire Slayer, NYPD Blue, and The Practice. Ratchford is equally adept at playing characters on both sides of the law. Ratchford has been cast in movies as well. The most recent movie that I noticed him in was Leatherheads. That movie came out in 2008, starring George Clooney. Jeremy Ratchford is a commodity on television, because of his versatility. The ex Cold Case cop will pop up soon.

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John Finn has also been a Cold Case regular since 2003. Finn played Lt. John Stillman on the CBS show. Finn was the elder statesman of the Cold Case cast, having been born on September 30, 1952. His resume is long and distinguished. Finn has appeared on these popular series: Chicago Hope, The Practice, NYPD Blue, Dawson Creek, and The X-Files. John Finn has been cast in many quality movies as well. Finn was in Glory and The Hunted. Finn was also in a favorite movie of mine, The Pelican Brief. Cold Case was a perfect fit for Finn. The actor is going to be 60 years old before we know it. His age will limit available parts, but Finn gives such quality performances, and is so believable, that he will find work. Finn might not have as many opportunities at this point in his career, but he still has a few great roles left in him. He would be a great addition to most crime genre series.

Danny Pino was Detective Scotty Valens on the set of Cold Case for seven seasons. Danny was born on April 15, 1974. The Cuban actor has done a variety of things besides Cold Case. Pino wrote a couple episodes of Cold Case during the past two seasons. He has appeared in The Shield, on FX. He had an extended stay on that show during the 2003 season. Danny Pino played the character of Armadillo Quintero, on The Shield. Quintero portrayed a drug lord, rapist on the popular FX series. Danny has played gentler roles as well. The Cuban actor played Desi Arnaz in the 2003 Lucille Ball Story. In 2007 Pino appeared in an episode of another CBS hit, CSI: New York. In the episode, Pino played his Cold Case character, Scotty Valens. Going forward, Pino is currently in The Exodus of Charlie Wright. The movie should be released in 2011. Pino will get plenty of work, especially in roles that can utilize his Cuban ancestry, such as The Shield did.

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Kathryn Morris was the lead in Cold Case. The actress born on January 28, 1969, played Detective Lilly Rush. She mixed a tough job perfectly, with heart and compassion. Her emotions flowed through, in her performances on the series. CBS certainly cast her correctly. Morris has been on television along time. Perhaps you remember her on Pensacola: Wings of Gold. In that series, Morris played Lt. “Stinger” Lindstrom. The show was on television in the late 90’s. Kathryn had a small part in the movie, As Good as it Gets. She has played bigger parts in movies like The Contender, and Resurrecting the Champ. Her latest work is the 2010 movie, Mothers Little Helpers. With Cold Case, Kathryn Morris has established herself as a leading lady. I’m confident success fill follow in her footsteps.