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Hanukkah Crafts for Children – Make the Star of David

Crafts for Children

What is Hanukkah? It is a Jewish holiday, which begins on the 25th day of Kislev. This is according to the Hebrew calendar. It is an eight day journey beginning in the late November to late December. The temple of menorah is celebrated.

Holidays are times to spend with family and friends. Children love to take part in the holidays.
The Star of David is a symbol of the Jewish holiday. It is a simple and easy craft for children to create. The materials needed for this are six wooden sticks, glue, paint, paint brushes, and glitter. Two triangles are the main components for this project. Your child can glue three wooden sticks together to create a triangle shape.

For this project your child will need to create two triangle shapes. With two drying triangles you are halfway through the battle of finishing this project. The colors usually associated with the Jewish holiday are blue and silver. These are pretty colors to paint your Star of David. The base of your star should be blue.

Now that the drying process has taken place you can now glue together the star. One triangle will need to be glued upside down; this is how the star is made. You will need to allow the star to dry for an hour or longer. You now have a half finished star.

The next step is to paint the star a blue color. The painting of the star should be allowed to dry over night or depending on the manufactures directions. The real designing of the star can now be done. The silver paint will add detail. The kinds of detail you can add to this simple project are adding silver stars on each corner of the star.

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The finished David needs to dry even further. Before the star project can become a decoration or just a symbol for the holiday, it needs to finish drying completely. You wouldn’t want blue and silver painted smeared over valuable items in your home.

A color string of your choice can be tied to the Star of David. With the string tied to the Star of David you can now hang it on the fireplace, in a doorway. The choice is yours. This project is simple and easy for any child to complete. If you would like to give the Star of David more glamour, add a spruce of glitter.

A few drops of glue can be added to the star. Sprinkling some glitter onto the wet glue will give this project a sparkly touch. The finishing touches on this project are to dust off the remaining glitter and allow for this to dry.

This Star of David project is quite simple to make. It is kid friendly and it helps to teach kids about the Jewish holiday.