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Hair Scissors – a Japanese Legacy

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Japan had penetrated our culture through its contributions. Who among us hasn’t tasted sushi before, or watched a good anime series? Much more, who would not have known the world-famous Hello Kitty, and the innovative robot, Asimo? Surely, Japan has shared with us a wide array of inventions and achievements, among which are hair scissors.

Unknown by many, most of the hair scissors used today in hair styling are contributions made by the Japanese. A good example would be the Toshiba scissors. These are handcrafted by Japan’s finest scissor makers, and are recognized to be one of the most trusted tools for professional hair styling. These hair scissors feature a bent thumb ring, enabling the hair stylist to place his thumb at an eased position. This prevents the thumb from being squeezed while holding the scissors. This leads to a hassle-free hair styling condition for any hairdresser.

Aside from the Toshiba scissors, another good contribution from Japan would be the Kasho scissors. These styling instruments are considered as a cut above the rest – a tested hair cutting tool which serves as the ultimate edge for any styling professional. Given its sharp edges and refined form, the hair scissors could be relied upon for its high quality and durability.

Last are the Yoko scissors. These styling tools are constructed from quality Japanese Hitachi steel, allowing the hair stylist to smoothly cut through hair strands. With a very slim blade and thumb rings, the Yoko hair scissors enables the stylist to have the ultimate control and hair manipulation. For this reason, the Yoko scissors had been widely used by a great number of hairstylist worldwide. It has been a trusted brand which has been known for its suave cutting performance.

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As previously mentioned, these hair scissors had been introduced by the Japanese-a race from which the best craftsmen and scissor makers have come up with useful scissor designs and forms. These high-grade hair scissors became the basis for the hair cutting tools which we know of today.

Indeed, there is no doubt that Japan has laid the foundation for cutting-edge technology.

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