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Guide to a Parakeet’s Diet

Fresh Fruits and Vegetables, Parakeets

If you have a pet parakeet you will be surprised to know that there are many healthy foods for your feathery friend. You may only feed your parakeets pellets or dry birdseeds; however, fresh fruits and vegetables make an excellent and tasty diet for your bird too. In this article we will explore some of the best foods to feed your parakeet as well as foods you should avoid feeding them.

Parakeets have an extremely fast metabolism so it is very important to make sure your parakeet is fed daily. Not feeding your parakeet for several days can result in illness or the death of your bird.


Seeds make a great diet for parakeets. You always want to make sure that you get the right dietary food especially designed for your parakeet. Seeds should be offered in small amounts; however, they should not be the bird’s only diet. A bird should have a diverse and healthy diet, so feeding your parakeet seeds all the time will not compensate for one.

Many packages of seeds are coated with vitamins; however, they are not always a sufficient source of nutrients for your parakeet. So it is very important that you buy fruits and vegetables to compensate for any loss vitamins. Seeds that have been sprouted actually have much more vitamins than regular packaged dry seeds. You can get bean sprouts at your local grocery store.


Pellets are a combination of ingredients that are shaped into bits that look like seeds by the manufacturer. Pellets can be used as a based diet, however, just like the seeds they should not be used as the only means of feeding the parakeet. You still need to integrate more fresh fruits and vegetables into the parakeet’s diet to ensure a healthy and happy bird. If you do buy pellets for your bird, make sure that they are organic and natural.

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Fruits and Vegetables

Fruits and Vegetables are the best way to get important vitamins and minerals into your parakeet. You should try to feed your parakeet at least five fresh fruits and vegetables per day. You can experiment with different fruits and vegetables with your parakeet. If you notice that they do not like certain foods, you can discontinue them.

Here is a list of vegetables that are good for the parakeet to eat:

Beans that are cooked







Green beans

Greens (All varieties)

Hot peppers



Potatoes (cooked)






Fruits that are good for your parakeet
















Very green veggies or orange produce are the most nutrient rich. These foods have a good source of Vitamin A, which is essential for the health of your parakeet. If your parakeet is lacking in Vitamin A, they are more likely to have respiratory problems and skin and liver problems.

Make sure that you wash all fruit and vegetables well before giving them to the parakeet. Believe it or not, if the fruit or veggies have any trace of pesticide on it, it can make the bird sick. It is best to offer the bird organic foods to avoid this.

Seed based treats are wonderful for the bird as a snack. Only give this to the bird once or twice a month. Millet spray is another great treat for the parakeet. The millet spray resembles a tree branch with hundreds of seeds attached to it. You can give the bird this treat once or twice a week.

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Table foods

Your parakeet will also love some of the food that you eat. Your parakeet may become healthier if you share your meals with them. Spices are not a worry either, because the parakeet can eat the hottest peppers around.

Eggs can be a wonderful addition to your bird’s diet. You can serve eggs by boiling for about 30 minutes and then cool and crush them, along with the shell. You need to boil the egg for a long time just in case the chicken had a disease that could be passed on to your parakeet.

Breakfast cereal is delicious treat also loved by parakeets. You can give your parakeet some Cheerios or offer hot cereal when it is cold outside. You should prepare the hot cereal and then cool before serving to him.

Believe it or not, Parakeets can eat other birds, such as chicken and turkey meat. A bit of this type of food every now and then is very healthy for your feathery friend. It adds the essential amount of protein the bird needs.

Whole wheat and nutty grain bread can be a delicious snack for the bird. This is great to give to baby parakeets because of the softness. Whole-wheat crackers are also tasty to the parakeet. It is best to get salt-free crackers for the bird.

Cooked food products are offered by manufacturers and are also good to give to your pet parakeet.

What not to feed your parakeet:

Junk food is a definite “no” when it comes to feeding your parakeet. Twinkies, and other sugary, fatty, or salty foods are not good for the parakeet at all. Some of these foods can even be potentially fatal if given to the parakeet.

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Alcohol should never be given to a parakeet. Alcohol is extremely toxic to birds and can cause the bird to die.

Avocado is extremely toxic to birds also. This plant harbors an ingredient by the skin of its pit that is toxic. Never feed the bird this food.

Caffeine is not good for your bird either. Coffee, soda, tea or coffee should never be offered to the bird.

Onions (Raw) should never be fed to the bird. Cooked onions are ok, but it is better not to take the risk at all, I would say not to feed the bird any type of onion.

Pits and Fruit Seeds because some of these seeds are toxic it is important that you always pit and deseed your fruits.

Rhubarb can be toxic to the bird. Never feed it to the parakeet.

I hope that God willing this article will help you take care of a healthy happy pet.


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