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Greg Halstead: Where Have All the Nice Guys Gone Part 2

Diamonds, Dustin Diamond, Roommate

Now that I’m through with Dustin Diamond, I’m now moving on to another guy who was almost similar to Dustin Diamond. This guys name is Greg Halstead, who was featured on a TV show on MTV titled The Real World: Hollywood.

During the first episode, the roommates who arrived were wondering who was picked by the fans. The last pick was, of course, Greg. You would have thought that with the fans making him their pick, that he would have showed some appreciation. But, he did not. His demeanor lead to the roommates labeling him as “stuck up.” He revealed to them that he “doesn’t need or want close relationships with people, especially girls” and thinks that “friends are more trouble than they are worth.”

In an interview he did for Black Voices, he had nothing bad to say about Joey. However, in the beginning, he calls Joey a “weirdo” for wearing a tank top in the hot tub. Brianna explains to him that he is “rubbing people the wrong way.” He offered no apology adding in that he “will no longer speak to anyone who doesn’t like him. He refers to a club which his roommates selected as “the lamest spot in LA.” He overhears them talking about him in the confessional which then leads to him calling his mother on the phone. Within his conversation with her, he refers to his house mates as “peasants” and that he was “perfect and did not need to change.”

As the show progressed on, he continued down his path of complete isolation. He was rude to Andy Dick telling him that he “has never seen him before.” He leaves the kitchen in total disarray with cooking pots, pans and dishes piled up in the sink. Dave, Kim and Sarah write him a note telling him to cleanup, especially considering the fact that ants are attractive to chicken bones; he completely rides them off like water rolling off of a frog’s rear end. He tells Dave that the girl whom he likes was “just not that hot.” Most people would feel that I’m jealous of Greg because he “owned” his house mates one by one. But, this is my opinion about how he featured himself on the show.

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Aside from refusing to clean the kitchen, he admits to contaminating Kim’s and Sarah’s toothbrushes ( he brushed the counter top, sink, the bottom of his sandals and the floor with them). Talk about cruel, disgusting and gross. Does he have any clue as to how any germs lurk in those areas, especially the kitchen counter top and sink? He takes Sarah’s underwear, hides them, lies about taking them, and later admits to Will that he took them while they were out clubbing. He left a bloody napkin in Dave’s bed ( gross) and rocks in Will’s bed ( how uncomfortable). Ryan, Sarah’s boyfriend, confronts Greg and tells him to not show any disrespect to his girlfriend or women in nature. He brings Reva who he refers to as his ‘associate” home from the club, but tells her to not make conversation with the females in the house.

As I was looking at him hanging with Reva, I said, “Wait a minute. You proclaimed that you were not there to have an close relationship with anybody, primarily girls. What’s the deal? Stick to what you said earlier.” I know that the rest of the house mates were not perfect either: Joey got drunk and went berserk while everybody else was trying to sleep. I was worried about Sarah, especially in the scene where he bursts angrily into her room. He made threats to her and Kim many times. Sarah called Brianna “ghetto” which resulted in an almost violent altercation. Kim and Sarah were making comments that would made people label them as “sheltered, spoiled and self-absorbed.” Will made a reference about Greg’s deceased father “knowing that he was gay.” Dave almost got into a fight with Greg. The only scene of the house mates ( minus Sarah) and Greg bonding together was when they were in the hot tub naked.

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However, Greg’s stay did not last long. He was told by Charna that he had to leave for missing the improve shows, not once, not twice, but three times. Your job is what keeps you in the Real world house. And if you lose your job, you can no longer stay. After being told to go back home to Florida, Greg calls his mom on the phone to tell her how up set he was with his house mates for not standing up for him. I can not fathom how he is going to hold a job in the modeling industry with his ego-inflated attitude, but I can truly say that nobody would allow that kind it, not even Tyra Banks herself.

In an interview he did for Black Voices, he referred to Sarah as “the biggest hypocrite in the house” but then says that she is “the most decent looking one, but was like the mother of Mary.” He literally trashed Brianna referring to her face as a “horror show” when she took off her make-up, being that it was the only thing that kept her looking decent. He even states that out of all the house mates, he dislikes Will the most.