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Giving a 2 Week Notice? Horrific Idea

The general consensus of employment resignation is to show your employer courtesy by giving them a 2 week notice. This gives them plenty of notice to find replacements and have you train them properly. Supposedly, it prevents any bridges from being burned.

Okay… maybe in the twentieth century. Today, you should reconsider your options when giving your employer a 2 week notice. There are advantages and disadvantages to both sides, but you should definitely consider the disadvantages if your employer is a sleazebag.

2 Week Notice Advantage: Employer bond
Ethically, you are supposed to give your employer a 2 week notice so they have time to train any new employee from your absence. Showing your employer such courtesy should maintain a health bond between the two of you. If you were ever interested in reapplying for a position at their company, you’d have a better chance if you give them a 2 week notice. You may also have a better chance of securing a reference from your employer.

2 Week Notice Advantage: Haven’t found work? Got 2 weeks to do so
If you haven’t secured an employment position, then giving your employer a 2 week notice gives you 2 weeks to sustain a paycheck while you are looking for work. You should consider how fast you can find work and how long you can hold up financially before resigning from a position.

2 Week Notice Advantage: Coworker Morale
Will your resignation become the problem of other associates? Will they have to cover for your shifts? If you respect your co-workers, then think of them before you tell big boss man to burn in Cocytus.

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2 Week Notice Disadvantage: Found work? Going to wait 2 weeks?
Did you find work, but they need you to start immediately? This may prevent you from giving your employer a 2 week notice. If you are truly interested in the position, then denying your previous employer a 2 week notice should be obvious. In this situation, your employer should understand your scenario.

2 Week Notice Disadvantage: Your morale
If you’ve given your two week notice, you probably don’t want to be there. If you don’t want to be there, the quality of your work will likely deteriorate. With each passing day, you will become more eager to be done with the place.

If you hate the place that you work and you wouldn’t ever want to return, then you may want to spare yourself 2 weeks of misery. If you don’t like your employer and don’t think it’ll be too taxing on your co-workers, then stepping down immediately is a viable option.

2 Week Notice Disadvantage: It’s your fault!
Giving a two week’s notice puts you and your employer in a bad position. Your employer now has an employee who is leaving in 2 weeks and is possibly disgruntled. Should an employer trust an associate that ready to leave? Is your employer paranoid enough to believe that you would perform a denial of service attack or trade company secrets during this period?

Your employer may be cynical of you during this time. Since you are going to leave, any wrongdoings that occur at the company at this time could be blamed on you. In the instance that something major happens, do you want to be stuck with dealing with the company’s mess?

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Don’t be so quick giving your employer a 2 week notice!
Consider how your employer has treated other employees in the past. Has the employer ever dismissed someone without giving them notice? Have they gone as far as shipping them their belongings or having them removed by security? Do you trust your employer? Have they treated you unfairly?

If you respect or trust your employer, then you may want to consider a 2 week notice. If abstaining from a 2 week notice will turn into your coworkers’ problems by having to cover your shift, then at least consider a 1 week notice.

If you dislike your employer or can’t stand the job, then burn the bridge while the employer is on the middle of it. It will be better to prevent yourself from ever making the mistake of working with the same raunchy employer multiple times. It will also maintain your sanity over those two weeks.

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