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Fun Hula Hoop Games Kids Can Play

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Summertime brings warm temperatures and sunshine allowing kids to enjoy spending time outdoors. One thing kids can play with outside is the hula hoop which also can be used to play different games. So kids grab your hula hoop and head outdoors to play one of these fun games.

The first hula hoop game you can play is to see who can hula hoop the longest. You can go against one friend at a time and whoever wins each round moves on to the next opponent. Whoever is the last hula hoop-er wins. Or you can play a quick game by having all of your friends hula hoop at the same time.

Another game you can play with a hula hoop is a game similar to freeze dance, only this one is called hula hoop freeze. Somebody will be designated “d.j.” by turning the music on and off. Whoever fails to quit hula hooping when the music stops will be out, until there is just one person left. The last hula hoop freeze player left wins.

Another fun hula hoop game to play uses several hula hoops and one person. This hula hoop game is simple. All you and your friends need to do is try to hula hoop with the most hula hoops. Whoever is able to hula hoop using the most hula hoops at one time wins the game.

Check out your arm twirling skills by seeing how long you can twirl a hula hoop around your arm. Have your friends join in to see who can twirl their hula hoop around their arm(s) the fastest. You can make this game even more challenging by twirling a hula hoop with both arms.

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Ready! Set! Go! If you enjoy racing against your friends why not race them while using a hula hoop at the same time. Trying to race with a hula hoop is more challenging making this race even more fun for you and your friends. Make sure you have plenty of room to race or you can race one friend at a time in your back yard.

Grab your ball and your hula hoop for a game of ball toss. The object of the game is to try and toss the ball into the hula hoop or try to be the one who gets their ball closest to the hula hoop. For a ball toss hula hoop game you will want to use something like a tennis ball which won’t bounce much. If you’d rather use a rubber ball then you could choose to roll it instead of throwing it. For a challenging game you can have someone roll the hula hoop from one side to the other while everyone stands beside the rolling hoop trying to toss their ball through the rolling hoop. For the swimming pool you and your friends can use a hula hoop as a makeshift basketball hoop for your beach ball.

One last suggestion is to play hula hoop tag. Everyone who plays needs to roll their hula hoop while they try to run from the person who is “it”. If someone loses their hula hoop they become “it” as well and will try and help the other person(s) who are “it” to tag the remaining players. The last player to remain untagged wins the game.

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These fun hula hoop games are sure to make your summer fun. These games are also great for adults, or grownups, to participate in as well. After all you’re never too old to hula hoop.