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FreshLook Radiance Colored Contact Lenses, Moonlight: Review

Colored Contacts, Green Eyes, Radiance

Last week I took to the internet to find colored contact lenses. I have light green eyes, which I like very much; however I also like changing up the color of my eyes every now and then.

It had been a long time since I last wore contact lenses, but recently after getting glasses, I figured why not? I loved how contacts looked on me in the past.

I found tons of websites offering cheap colored lenses, and many of these sites also would show what the colored contact would look like on eyes. I was impressed particularly by Freshlook Radiance, in the color called Moonlight. On nearly every site it claimed that wearing this particular color would add a a nice silver glow to the eyes.

I thought that was cool, and it reminded me of Glitter Eyes, which gave my eye a silver glow (but painful to wear), and looked wolf like. I was hoping for similar results with Freshlook Radiance, Moonlight.

Product Information:

Before mentioning how the contacts looked on green eyes, first I’ll mention a little about the contacts themselves. Freshlook Radiance are soft colored contact lenses. I believe they can be used for extended wear, but am not 100% sure because the sites I visited failed to mention how long I could use them for. I imagine they will last for about a month till you need to replace them. I find that you should throw contacts away though at the first sign of discomfort to the eyes.

How Do Freshlook Radiance Moonlight Colored Contacts Look On Green Eyes?

When I first opened the trail packages, I was surprised at how near invisible the contacts were. I sat wondering how these things were going to add silver shimmer when they were practically clear!?

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At a closer look I was able to see the silver shimmer; however the silver shimmer appeared to be stippled.

I was beginning to think that the color was going to be non-existent. I popped them into my eyes gently and took a look in the mirror.

I was disappointed. The silver shimmer barely even made a difference! I was pissed because on all of the websites it claimed that Freshlook Radiance Sunrise was the only color recommended for those with brown eyes.

Looking at Moonlight on my light green eyes, it was apparent that this color would also be best for someone with dark brown eyes. It did absolutely nothing for my light green eyes. There was no shimmer, no silver glow… they were just straight up clear lenses for my eyes. Pointless.


I would recommend Freshlook Radiance to those with darker colored eyes. Moonlight won’t do squat for those with light eyes.


Even though Moonlight was not at all recognizable on my light green eyes, I will say that they are very, very, comfortable. I was able to wear them without even feeling them. They get 2 thumbs up in the comfort department.


Freshlook Radiance Moonlight sucks on those with light colored eyes. It does not make a difference. They however will go well with darker eyes, and are very comfortable.

For brown eyes I’d give them 5 stars.
For green, 1 star out of 5.

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