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Free Children’s Bible Songs

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If you are a Sunday School teacher or a Children’s Church teacher Bible songs are a great way to start your class off. You could even incorporate this into your homeschool lesson if you do Bible lessons. These songs are a great way to teach children about God. Most children will learn a song faster than reading something. In this guide I will show you some of the places that I go to get my songs.

EBible Teacher

This site has a few songs. They also have the lyrics to go along with the songs. You can download the songs to your computer and then put them on a disc to use in church. These songs are free to use. Here are some of the songs that are available on this site.

Be careful, little eyes, what you see

Father Abraham had many sons

If you’re happy and you know it

I’ve got the joy, joy…

New Testament Books

Oh the B-I-B-L-E

Old Testament Books

Those are just a few that EBible Teacher has. To download a song, click the song title. You will be carried to that song and you will see the song file. Click the file that you want to download and save it to your computer.

Garden Of Praise

This is a very nice site. There are many different songs on this site. They are placed in categories. There are three different categories. The first category is songs about the Old Testament. The second category is songs about Jesus. The third category is songs about the early church. When you click on a song you will be carried to a page where you can hear the song and read the lyrics. Here are some of the songs that they offer.

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Old Testament Category

Creation Song

Song of Joseph

David’s Song

Song of Jonah and the Big Fish

Songs About Jesus

Feeding the 5,000

The Pharisees


Peter’s Confession

Songs about the Early Church


Paul and Barnabas

Paul in Corinth

Paul in Prison

EZ Tracks

EZ Tracks is another great site with many different songs. You have to register with the site to download these songs. It only takes a minute to register. The songs that are available on this site are well worth the registration process. Some of these songs are for adults too. Here are some of the songs that are listed on this site.

Animals Went In Two By Two


Climb Up Sunshine Mountain

Deep and Wide

Father Abraham

Do Lord, Remember Me

All of these sites have great songs. I’m sure you will find songs that you can use at Church or at home. This is a great way to teach children about the Bible. These sites have the lyrics with the songs. So that is a plus. You can print the lyrics for your children so that they can sing along with the song.