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Flowers that Attract Butterflies

Butterflies, Daylilies, Geraniums, Hardiness Zones

Butterflies are fascinating creatures that many people enjoy observing, and butterflies are beneficial insect people want to attract to their gardens and yards. If you enjoy watching butterflies flutter and glide, and if you are captivated by their brilliant colors and graceful flight, consider planting flowers that will attract butterflies to your yard and garden. You will be astounded by the varieties of butterflies you can attract by simply planting specific flowers. Butterflies feast on nectar-rich flowers that are fragrant and incredibly beautiful. The following flowers are suitable for most hardiness zones, and they will attract scores of butterflies to your garden and yard.

Depending on your location, the following flowers will attract butterflies such as silver-spotted skippers, anise swallowtails, tiger swallowtails, fiery skippers, Peck’s skippers, the common sulfur, and dogface butterflies. Plant the following flowers, and consider keeping a journal to record the types of butterflies you attract to your yard. Many more varieties of butterflies may feast on the beautiful flowers you provide, and keeping a journal complete with photographs is a fantastic way to enjoy beautiful butterflies all year long.

Fairy Tale Pink Daylilies

Lilies are beautiful flowers, and fairy tale pink daylilies are no exception. These daylilies are a lovely shade of pink, and the creases in the petals make these flowers look like fine crepe paper. Butterflies absolutely love these flowers. These eye-catching flowers are rich with nectar and are magnets for beautiful butterflies. You’ll be amazed at the number of butterflies you will attract with these lovely pink flowers.

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Fairy tale pink daylilies reach a maximum height of about two feet. Consider planting fairy tale pink daylilies in areas where you’d like to attract beautiful butterflies. These lilies are best suited for hardiness zones five through nine.

Salvia Caradonna

Salvia Caradonna is a wonderful choice for those wishing to attract butterflies to their garden or yard. Not only does salvia Caradonna attract butterflies by providing food, this beautiful flower also provides butterflies with shelter and protection. Salvia Caradonna is a beautiful shade of purple. These flowers are so bright they almost appear to glow. They are certainly beacons to butterflies, and they attract butterflies with their wonderful fragrance as well.

Those in hardiness zones four through eight can attract butterflies with these beautiful flowers all summer long. The flowers grow in mounds and reach a maximum height of approximately thirty inches and a maximum width of about eighteen inches.

Hardy Geraniums

Many people don’t realize that geraniums attract beautiful butterflies, and hardy geraniums are exceptionally beautiful. Hardy geraniums are a deep shade of blue-violet, and they are gorgeous. Anyone can attract beautiful butterflies with hardy geraniums. Hardy geraniums grow well in containers, so they are great for those living in apartments or in areas where yard and garden space is limited. Even if you don’t have a yard, you can attract beautiful butterflies.

Hardy geraniums grow to a maximum height of about twenty-four inches, and it grows to a similar width. Consider growing hardy geraniums if you live in hardiness zones four through eight and want to attract beautiful butterflies to your yard or garden.

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Wonder of Staffa Asters

If you love blue flowers and want to attract butterflies to your garden or yard, the wonder of Staffa aster is for you. These beautiful bluish lavender flowers look like daisies, and the blooms span about three inches across. The centers of these flowers are deep yellow and are just as pretty. The color is amazing, and butterflies will flock to this aster in droves.

Wonder of Staffa asters grows to a height of about twenty-four inches, and they reach about the same width. Plant this beautifully colored aster in hardiness zones five through nine, and you’ll attract beautiful butterflies to these flowers from the middle of summer until the first hard frost.

Sweet Lavender

Many people enjoy the scent of lavender, and sweet lavender is an exceptionally fragrant flower. Butterflies love these beautiful fragrant purple flowers, and they will attract scores of butterflies to your yard or garden. The blooms of this butterfly magnet are majestic purple, and the foliage is a beautiful shade of silvery green.

Consider planting sweet lavender in hardiness zones five through nine if you love the scent of lavender and want to attract dozens of butterflies all summer long. Sweet lavender reaches a maximum height of about eighteen inches, and this flower that attracts butterflies prefers full sun.