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Fisher Price Little People Noah’s Ark

Little People, Noahs Ark

Last night my husband and I found ourselves at Target, once again and saw the Fisher Price Little People Noah’s Ark. I knew as soon as I saw it we had to buy this for our son. Lately our two and a half year old son has rally gotten into the Little People toys. We already received the Little People Fun Park as a gift which he plays with all of the time. Please see my review on Epinions for that toy. Fisher Price really knew what they were doing when they created the Little People toy line. They Little People are hand sized and are perfect for my son to hold. He loves playing with them.


Included in the Fisher Price Little People Noah’s Ark are Noah, two elephants, two lions, two zebras, and two giraffes. Of course I can’t forget the Ark. The top (deck) of the Ark pops off for easy storage of the animals and Noah. There is a door you can open and close on the deck of the Ark as well as a door that flips down on the bottom of the Ark. The animals can come on and off the Ark using this door.


Your child can match the different pairs of animals. Your child can also put the animals in and out of the Ark. He/She can use their imagination is so many different ways with this toy. I was so pleased to see that it came with a nice amount or animals for my son to play with. Of course I like that he can store everything away once he is finished playing with it.

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We purchased the Fisher Price Little People Noah’s Ark at Target for $21.99. At first I thought it was a little expensive for a kid’s toy but now I have to say I would have paid more after seeing how much my son has enjoyed playing with this toy in such a short time.


The only thing that I do not like about this product has nothing to do with the toy at all. It has to do with the way it is packaged. I notice this in most children’s toys now. Each piece of the toy is mounted to the box with a special wire. You can’t cut this wire either. You have to untwist the wire in order to get the toy out. This is so frustrating when you child is sitting patiently waiting for his/her new toy and you have to struggle piece by piece untwisting this wire.

This toy is compatible with the other Little People toys. This particular toy is for children ages 1 – 4. It develops your child’s matching and fine motor skills. The animals from this toy seem to be a rubber material and there is nothing that will break off the animals that could hurt your child.