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Fall TV Preview of Cane Jimmy Smits New Hot Family Drama with Spice

Jimmy Smits, Rita Moreno

Cane starring Jimmy Smits, is another New Fall TV show that has had a lot of Buzz lately as to it’s chances of being one of this years success story’s and one I am looking forward to immensely…I’ve always been a big fan of Jimmy’s smoldering Latino good looks and his cute tush since it was shown in a shower scene on NYPD Blue a few years ago…and, he is one fine actor!

This story sounds like one that fall into the category of soap opera but not to the detriment of the show itself…the producers and creators are saying that because of the range in age of the characters featured in this dramatic series they are hoping to appeal to all age demographics.

Basically, Cane is another show about a big wealthy family but this one has the flavor of spicy salsa washed down with a cool Mojito.

The main characters are Latino and have been praised in their casting. Pancho, (Hector Elizondo), and Amalia, Duque, (Rita Moreno), are the matriarch and patriarch of this family which the show revolves around…They came to Florida from Cuba years ago and purchased big parcels of land to grow sugar cane….From this fortunate business venture they became exceedingly wealthy in the rum and sugar business….they worked hard to attain all they had and during this time had four children…though one of them had an unfortunate accident and was killed at an early age…

The three that were left were raised somewhat spoiled…There was Frank, (Nester Carbonell, Isabel,(Paola Turbay), and Henry, (Eddie Matoes) and to add to the mix, they adopted a fourteen year old orphan, Alex, (Jimmy Smits), who, for some reason, was made the heir to the family’s thriving business…I guess we will learn why as the series progresses.

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As can be imagined this does not go over too well with the rest of the clan, especially Frank, who is exceedingly jealous of Alex and I imagine this is going to be a main issue in the story line…a power struggle that will be one hell of a struggle. especially when Alex thinks the idea of turning sugar into ethanol for what he thinks is going to be extremely valuable asset to their business in the future…Frank is not happy with that idea.

To make matters even more complicated Alex married his half sister Isabel when she was only 17… they have 3 children; a son old enough to want to join the military, a younger daughter, and their youngest boy, who excels in the little league.

All these different age groups in the show are important since, as I mentioned, they want to appeal to viewers of all ages.

But, without a doubt ,Smits is the leading man in this show and is an executive producer which, according to what I heard him say on the many TV appearances he has he’s been doing promoting the show, every decision made is important to him.

He wants his character to be shown to have strong morals, basically, a good man who has come into this family as a young man and been given much more than the average person …He has many conflicts but he tries to live his life and overcome his hurdles with compassion and good sense, determined to keep his family together and to resolve whatever issues arise in a fair manner… and one that we, the audience will wish to come back to watch each week.

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We can only wait and see if this is accomplished but I do think this show just might be one that will prove to be worthwhile…I hope so, I wouldn’t mind seeing Smits around for a while and, who knows what other talented steamy scenes might come up!

Cane will be shown every Tuesday night on CBS at 10:00 P.M.

Main cast:
Jimmy Smits
Hector Elizondo
Nestor Carbonell
Rita Moreno
Paola Turbay
Eddie Matos
Michael Trevino
Lina Esco
Samuel Carman
Alona Tai
Polly Walker

The show was created by Cynthia Cidre

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