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Easy Remedies for Sunburn Relief

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Exposure to the sun without protection may result in sunburn, which may be painful, red, blister, peel, have inflammation, and itch. If you get a sunburn, there are several things you can do to provide yourself with sunburn relief.

Aloe: Aloe is very useful in sunburn treatment. Aloe can relieve the pain and itching of sunburns. It also helps your sunburn heal more quickly. Aloe vera gel, aloe juice, and aloe ointment are all good products to apply to sunburns. Be sure to keep your burn moist with aloe in order to reduce pain and the amount of peeling you experience.

You can buy aloe vera gel at supermarkets, department stores, such as Target and Wal-Mart, and drugstores.

Lemon Water: Lemon water is another one of the great remedies for sunburns you may want to utilize. Juice three lemons and put the juice into two cups of cool water. Put the lemon water onto the sunburn for relief from the burning sensation associated with the condition. Not only will the lemon water cool your skin, it promotes healing of the burn and disinfects as well.

Aspirin: Aspirin is another sunburn remedy you may want to use for your painful burn. Aspirin can help relieve the pain of sunburns. To make an aspirin paste, crush two aspirin in a pill crusher or with the back of a spoon. Make sure the aspirin is crushed very well and place into a cup or a bowl. Add a little water in order to make a paste. Dab onto your burn. Alternatively, you can mix the crushed aspirin with Maalox and dab onto your sunburn.

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Before you use either of these aspirin sunburn remedies, be sure you can tolerate aspirin topically. Additionally, do not leave the aspirin paste on more than one overnight; wash your skin off in the morning.

Potatoes: Potatoes can also be used in sunburn treatment. Wash two potatoes thoroughly and cut them into small pieces. Place the pieces of the potatoes into a blender and blend until the potatoes are a liquid. If the potatoes look a little dry before you blend them, you can add in a little water. Dab your sunburn with the potato juice to relieve the pain. After your skin is dry, take a cool shower.

Lidocaine or Benzocaine: Lidocaine and benzocaine are topical anesthetics, which can relieve the pain of sunburns. Lidocaine and benzocaine are available in ointment and spray forms and can be found at drug stores and department stores, such as Target and Wal-Mart.

Water-Jel Emergency Burn Care: Water-Jel Emergency Burn Care is a great product for the treatment of sunburns. This product helps relieve the pain associated with minor burns, including sunburns. Water-Jel is also a fast-acting topical anesthetic, helps prevent infection, and cools the skin.

This sunburn treatment include the ingredients: tea tree oil lidocaine HCI 2.5%, vitamin E acetate, diazolidinyl urea, carbomer 940, purified water, carbomer 1342, glycerin, propylparaben, methylparaben, edetate disodium, trolamine, octoxymol9, and propylene glycol. You may purchase Water-Jel Emergency Burn Care for approximately $8 on the Walgreen’s website or at their retail stores.

Aveno Active Naturals Soothing Bath Treatment: Aveno Active Naturals Soothing Bath Treatment is another great product for sunburn relief. Aveno Active Naturals Soothing Bath Treatment relieves itchy skin and provides relief from sunburns. The product comes in individual bath packets, that when combined with water turns into a milky bath you can soak in for 15-20 minutes to get some relief from your sunburn.

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Aveno Active Naturals Soothing Bath Treatment is 100% colloidal oatmeal. You may purchase this product at Walgreen’s retail stores or on their site as well as other drugstores and department stores, such as Wal-Mart and Target.

Of course, the best treatment for sunburns is prevention. Be sure to use sunscreen and/or protective clothing whenever you go out into the sun. It is generally recommended that you use a sunscreen with an SPF of at least 30 and apply it every two hours while you are outside enjoying the sun.

If you get sunburned, however, you may want to try one or more of these sunburn remedies to relieve the uncomfortable symptoms of the condition.


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