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DIY for Your Wedding: Create a Cascading Wedding Bouquet

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Historically the wedding bouquet was created by the groom. On the wedding day the groom went out and chose fresh wild flowers for his bride. It took only one badly created wedding bouquet to change that!

A fresh bouquet or a silk wedding bouquet can cost around $100-200. You can make your own for a fraction of the price. Creating your own cascading bridal bouqet will only enhance the wonderful feelings you have on your wedding day.

Every girl would like a fresh bouquet of flowers. But when deciding on fresh flowers or high quality silk, keep in mind that in the days leading up to your wedding will be very busy. The bouquet will need to be a the latest the night before, silk can be done wrapped in plastic and stored until needed. If you chooses fresh, you will need a source for the flowers, buying them at your local florist can be expensive, ordered on line, you need to worry about shipping, and having them arrive on time and in good condition. If you have a Costco, Sams Club or another bulk club store this would be a great option. Another reason in defense of high quality silk flowers for your cascading wedding bouquet, is that this can be a keepsake. A nice shadow box with a picture of the bride and groom and the bouquet can be made.

Its easier if your work from an example of how you would like your finished bridal bouquet to look. A quick internet search will turn up a number of pictures. I found one that has neutral colors and includes ivy. I love this look, view the picture here http://www.weddingbouquets.com/html/brd240.html.

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For this bouquet in particular, you will need, a Belle Oasis flower bouquet holder. If you are using fresh flowers, this will be wet, and you will need to keep this wet to keep your flowers fresh before your wedding day. If you use silk flowers it will be easiest to create the cascading wedding bouquet this way. Weather you use fresh or silk flowers you will need a good adhesive like special florists adhesive, you will also need:
Green Ivy sprays http://www.afloral.com/Silk-Flowers-Artificial-Flowers-Fake-Flowers/Greenery-Leaves-Grasses-and-Branches/18-English-Ivy-Spray-in-Green
Cream Lilly sprays http://www.afloral.com/Silk-Wedding-Flowers/Wedding-Flower-Stems/Lily-Garden-Spray-in-Cream_2
Light pink half open roses http://www.afloral.com/Silk-Flowers-Artificial-Flowers-Fake-Flowers/Open-Silk-Roses/PREMIUM-Medium-Open-Rose-23-in-Light-Pink
Vanilla rose buds http://www.afloral.com/Silk-Flowers-Artificial-Flowers-Fake-Flowers/Silk-Roses/Premium-Rose-Bud-23-in-Vanilla
Snapdragon stemshttp://www.afloral.com/Closeouts/Silk-Flowers-on-Sale/32-Snapdragon-Spray-in-Two-Tone-Salmon_2
Orchid sprays http://www.afloral.com/Silk-Wedding-Flowers/Wedding-Flower-Stems/30-Phalaenopis-Orchid-Spray-in-Cream
Ribbon of your choice

Instructions are the same if you use fresh or silk flowers for your cascading wedding bouquet. If you use freash you will also need a floral sealant, you can get this at your local craft store, in addition to flowers and other items you need. Compare prices to those on line, if you can get them from one place, shipping may be free. To begin, you need to place your bouquet holder in a stand. A weighted vase will work, as will, a glass filled with decorative stones or sand.

This bouquet should be about 13 inches across and 23 inches long. Especially if this is your first bouquet you are making keep a ruler handy, so that you can keep an eye on your measurements, its very easy to go overboard and end up with a huge cascading wedding bouquet.

Create the frame of your bouquet using the green ivy. Create a kind of clock face using your ivy. Remember that your desire is to create a cascade. Your flowers will extend beyond the frame of greenery by about half a head, so make the frame about 12 and a half inches across, and 21-22 inches long. The best tip to remember is that all the flowers and greenery does not have to face forward, because you want it to cascade, the should point downward on the bottom. Fill in the frame with ivy until you have a nice base.

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Now, you can add some focal point flowers, using the half open roses, trim them down so that you can use them as individual stems, and so that you can insert them about an inch deep, adding some glue on each stem. If you are using fresh flowers, be sure to use the glue on the side of the stem so that you don’t close the end, because no water will get up the stem that way. Now add some of the lily’s on top so it resembles the image I suggested.

Add some of the rose buds and open flowers, around the edge, allow them to extend a little farther than the greenery you added earlier. Space them out somewhat evenly. And the roses towards the bottom will be a little longer and will face directly down. Make sure your flowers are radiating outward in every angle.

Now you can fill in some spaces with your snapdragons and orchids. You can also add texture with some ribbon. If you like you can cut length of ribbon and thread them through a bobbie pin and use this to stick them in between the flowers. You are now getting a feel for this and your creativity is really flowing. Be sure to use glue on each stem so that they stay secure. If you prefer you can place your buds, make sure you like the way it looks, then glue it in.

Extra flowers if there are any can be used to make a boutonniere for the groom. Buds can be glued to an oversized bobbie pin for your hair.

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Adding a personal touch to your wedding a nice way to celebrate, and prepare for your wedding. It can also be very therapeutic having total control over how your bridal party will look, please see the links below for more creative ideas for your cascading bridal bouquet. Best wishes and blessings on your special day!

Inspiration for you cascading bridal bouquet . http://www.wedding-flowers-and-reception-ideas.com/bridal-bouquet-gallery.html
Images of cascading wedding bouquet steps http://www.wedding-flowers-and-reception-ideas.com/a-cascading-bouquet.html