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Blockbuster’s Online Movie Rental Service… is it Worth Your Money?

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I began using Blockbuster’s Online Rental Service a few months ago when I was offered a free trial version of the service at one of their store locations. After trying the Blockbuster service for a month I decided to join permanently because all I had to do was establish a queue of movies that I wanted to watch (even movies that are still in the theaters can be added, but I have to wait until it arrives to DVD), in the order that I wanted to watch them, and they were shipped to my house. I chose the most expensive package which costs a little less than$ 20 a month.

With this package, three movies are shipped out to me at a time, and once I return one movie in a pre-packaged envelope, another is shipped out to me as soon as it’s received by Blockbuster. Or if I’d like to see another movie right away, I can just head to a Blockbuster store and exchange one of my online movie rentals for a movie that’s at the store for free.

I find the service to be very convenient because the monthly fee is drawn directly out of my checking account. I’ve also found it to be much cheaper than renting movies directly from the Blockbuster store. With $20 a month I can rent anywhere from 12-24 movies each month depending on how quickly I return my movies, yet I could only rent about a fourth of those movies at the store for that price. Plus with this service I don’t have to worry about late fees, even though I can keep my shipped movies for as long as I want.

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There is a downside to the service though, sometimes a movie that is really popular arrives to DVD and isn’t available because it’s been shipped to other people first. But if I keep the movie at the top of my queue, I usually receive it within a couple of days so the wait time isn’t that awful.

I also have occasionally received scratched DVD’s or DVD’s that just wouldn’t play, so I had to resend those movies back. Yet whenever I’ve had a DVD issue, all I have to do is go online, look at my queue and find the movie that I’m having trouble with and report the issue. After doing so, a prompt is given as to whether I’d like Blockbuster to resend the same movie, or if I want them to send another movie entirely, and it’s shipped out as soon as possible.

If I have issues with Blockbuster not receiving a movie I returned, or with me not receiving a movie that was shipped out to me, I can report that issue too and a new movie will be shipped either the same day or the next day.

Besides the three or four issues I’ve had with Blockbuster, I am a satisfied customer, because most of my experience has been great. I’ve had about 70 movies shipped out to me so far that were in great condition and arrived to my home in a timely fashion (I usually receive my movies in 2-3 days after returning them), so I’d recommend this Blockbuster’s Online Movie Rental service to movie lovers everywhere.