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Best Wedding Locations in Memphis, Tennessee

Memphis Zoo, Mud Island, Orpheum, Wedding Locations

A wedding is an important event in many people’s lives. Because of it’s importance there is the need for everything to be perfect, including the location of the ceremony and reception.

In Memphis there are several wonderful places to get married. These locations are all different from the typical church and hall wedding and reception. These locations add a little something extra and can take a wedding from blah to fabulous. They are the most interesting locations a bride and groom can hope to secure for their big day.

Best Wedding Locations In Memphis

Brooks Museum of Art – The Brooks Museum of Art is located in Overton Park which is a beautiful location itself right in the middle of Memphis. The museum itself, a registered U.S. national landmark, is perfect for any size wedding since it can accomodate from 50 to 1000 people for an event. Contact Special Events Director for more information at (901) 544-6222 or email parties@brooksmuseum.org or submit a Rental Request Form online.

Center for Southern Folklore – This location offers three distinct areas that would be wonderful for weddings – the rooftop, the galleries, and the fun and colorful store. For something fun and different this option takes the cake. For more information about events, email yourevent@southernfolklore.org.

Dixon Gallery and Gardens – This location offers beauty in several forms, the most obvious of which is the garden. Many weddings are held here each year and couples have the option of choosing from several different locations on the premises. One option is the Winegardner Auditorium, a very elegant ballroom perfect for a regal event, or the Hughes Pacilion, which offers inside and outside seating for an event right in the midst of the gardens. You can also take advantage of the large lawn and host an outdoor event. For pricing and reservations contact Visitor Services Staff at (901) 761-5259 ext. 100.

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Memphis Botanical Gardens – The botanic gardens are a favorite wedding location in Memphis. Thousands of couples have chosen the gardens as their special place because of it’s beauty and the variety of options available within the gardens. Choices include the option to have the wedding ceremony outside in several different locations within the garden as well as hosting the reception at a pavilion or inside in one of the beautiful rooms available. Call (901) 576.4106 for more information about weddings.

Memphis Zoo – Not many people can say they were married in a zoo and be telling the truth. While the zoo might not be the first location that comes to mind when planning a wedding, the Memphis Zoo has several beautiful location that become majestic for night time weddings. Choose from the China exhibit, Teton Trek, the Courtyard, Northwest Passage, or Cat House Cafe. Call the private events department at (901) 333-6571 or send an e-mail to privateevents@memphiszoo.org for more information.

Mud Island River Park – Nothing is more Memphis than Mud Island. The Mississippi River is a big part of Memphis and having your wedding on the island is a unique experience. Mud Island offers the opportunity to be married outdoors and host a reception in one of three different rooms. For more information and to schedule a visit, call (901) 576-7205.

National Ornamental Metal Museum – For years the Metal Museum has been named one of the best places in Memphis to get married. The beautiful grounds overlooking the Mississippi River or the library are available spaces for weddings. Contact Judy Davis by email for more information about weddings, or call 901-774-6380

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Orpheum – The famous Orpheum theater is an unique location for weddings. While it’s typically not a wedding destination for many couples the Theatre offers this feature and the cost for renting depends on the time and type of event you decide to have. For more information about renting the Orpheum Theatre for your wedding call (901) 525-7800 ext. 225.

Pink Palace Museum – The Pink Palace Museum is one of the best places in Memphis to get married. The facility is beautiful and several options are available. Additionally, the related Lichterman Nature Center is available with more locations. For information or to schedule an appointment, call our Special Event Coordinator at (901) 320-6394.

Woodruff-Fontaine House Museum – This historic location has been home to weddings since 1871. It’s one of the most historic locations for weddings in Memphis. Couples can choose to get married on the lawn or within the house and host the reception in either location. Hosting a wedding here transports the event to another time and makes it something special as part of a long tradition. For more information about hosting weddings here call (901) 526-1469.