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Best Restaurants / Cafes in Flagstaff, Arizona

Flagstaff, Horchata, Mexican Cooking

Flagstaff plays host to several restaurants and cafes, each dishing out a wide-variety of palate-pleasers. Let this article be your guide to the best cuisine “Flag” has to offer. Over my years in Flagstaff, I have chosen five restaurants/cafes that stand out for uniqueness, excellence, novelty and basically the best food money can buy. Without further ado….the top 5 eateries in Flagstaff:

Tucked away on the corner of an alley on South San Francisco street stands the diminutive (but blindingly bright) Primo’s, prized purveyor of the Chicago Style Dog. Actually, Primo’s can whip you up just about any kind of hot dog you could think of; but, more than likely, you’ve never imagined the combinations! Vegetarians do not turn away, all of the various hot dog styles and toppings can be piled onto one of the tastiest Veggie Dogs you will ever eat. Combine the simple pleasures of a well-made dog with the friendly low-key service and maybe chips and a soft drink and you’re on your way to experiencing a Flagstaff masterpiece. A sure hit at 2am when bar goers are searching for that perfect meal!

Though any breakfast cafe would be hard-pressed to beat Martan’s or Macy’s in popularity, I give the title of best breakfast in town to Campus Coffee Bean.
Not only is the Coffee phenomenal, it comes in ever-changing varieties. Is Tea your cup? They supply over 40 varieties of tea from black to herbal to naturopathic. No breakfast would be complete without a mouth-watering Breakfast Burrito, tasty Omelete, or scrumptious home-made Granola. A favorite with the University crowd and, thankfully, located right next door to NAU– tucked away in a shopping center on Milton Road. Go there for the food, go there for the atmosphere, go there for a breakfast al fresco, basically…just go there!

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For a well-crafted submarine sandwich and a cheap pitcher of cold beer, you honestly cannot top Crystal Creek Sandwich Company. Located on Milton avenue it offers Homemade soups de jour, potato salad and deeply satisfying sandwich creations with lots of fresh veggies. Try the Super Crystal Veggie sandwich for a surprising taste sensation. Awesome solid wood booths, a relaxed atmosphere, pool tables and always a game on the TV, Crystal Creek is the perfect place for a satisfying, inexpensive meal, a cold pitcher and a game of pool with your friends.

The best Mexican Cuisine in town is a topic of much debate and everyone has their personal favorite. However, if you want comida autentica deliciosa, you have got to head down to a little cafe called Tacos Los Altos, a short hop over to the east-side of Flagstaff on Route 66/Highway 89 (this location is best to drive to). From the Horchata and other naturales, to the menudo and the fresh salsas and chiles, and everything in-between, Tacos Los Altos is your sure bet for the best tasting authentic Mexican cuisine in Flagstaff. The decor is humble and the service is generally up to the customer, but the clientele knows what real Mexican food should taste like; the campesino music and futbol on the television is not a gimmick, this is a locale’s place– but newcomers are quite welcome, of course. Personal recommendations are any of the Bebidas Naturales, the Carne Asada, if you’re new to Mexican cuisine and feeling adventurous, try the Menudo. What ever you fancy, do yourself a favor and head to Tacos Los Altos for the most delicious authentic Mexican cooking in town.

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In the hotly contested position of over-all best, we find the Beaver Street Brewery, located at 11 S Beaver Street (on the south-side of the tracks). Whether you are strictly vegetarian or a committed carnivore, the menu is sure to please. I would suggest ordering appetizers and entrees to share, because the portions are large; though the food is so good, you may force down more than your usual portion! All of the food is excellent, but sure things on the menu are the MalteseTapasSalad, the SoftPretzels (I recommend The Cheese and Ale pot and the Beer Mustard (HOT!) for dipping), the Green Goddess Salmon Salad, the Enchanted Forest Pizza, the Lumberjack Burger (named for the local Uni’s mascot, “Louie”) and the Southwest Turkey Grinder. Most items are served in the bar-area as well as the restaurant and, in the summer time, in the secluded beer garden. High points are friendly service, good atmosphere, eclectic clientele, the food (of course), and it is smoke free (except for the beer garden). Don’t forget to wash down your meal with a pint of Beaver Street’s own micro brewed Rail Head Red or Bramble Berry Brew (for a light, fruity change). Bon Appetit!

So there you have it, the definitive (albeit controversial) guide to the tastiest treats in the town of Flag. Thanks for reading, good luck, and happy digesting!