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Best Part-time Jobs in Cherokee, North Carolina

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Part-time jobs in Cherokee, North Carolina are sometimes hard to find because the area practically shuts down during the wintertime. But, when Cherokee is up and running and full steam there are several places that offer great part-time jobs. I have worked at a few places in Cherokee and have found that most of these jobs are really fun because you meet so many new people. Some of the part-time jobs in Cherokee will allow you to meet people from all over the world. You will also find yourself working with people from all over the world because several foreign students come to work in Cherokee.

The Best Part-time Job in Cherokee #1: Harrah’s Cherokee Casino and Hotel

Harrah’s has some of the best part-time jobs available in Cherokee. At Harrah’s you will find all sorts of part-time jobs available. Do you want to work in a gift shop? Are you interested in being a part-time cook? How about being a table games host? Harrah’s offers all of those part-time jobs plus many more. Another great thing about Harrah’s is they are always hiring. But, I guess the best part would have to be the pay. Harrah’s offers amazing wages. The lowest wages that Harrah’s pays is $5.25 which may sound really low, but that is for the part-time jobs that get tips. If you are a waitress anywhere else in Cherokee, you will be paid less than $3 per hour plus your tips, so Harrah’s really is the best place for a part-time job in that category. Most part-time jobs at Harrah’s will pay around $7 to $9 per hour and some even pay more than that. For this area, that is actually great wages for a part-time job.

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The Best Part-time Job in Cherokee #2: Santa’s Land

If you love Christmas, you’ll love working at Santa’s Land. The part-time jobs offered at Santa’s Land are perfect for students. While Santa’s Land doesn’t have the best wages in the area, they do offer a really fun environment to work in. Santa’s Land is a theme park designed for little kids and the energy you will receive while working there is amazing. While I didn’t work out in the park, I did have a part-time job working in the office which was filled with Christmas decorations. It was so fun to go to work everyday and feel that Christmas Spirit in the middle of summer. There are several part-time jobs available at Santa’s Land including ride operators, food service staff, gift shop workers, etc.

The Best Part-time Job in Cherokee #3: The Heavenly Fudge Shoppe

Do you like fudge and hand-dipped candies? Then you will love having a part-time job at the Heavenly Fudge Shoppe. There are actually two locations in Cherokee and both are constantly hiring part-time employees. This is another fun place to work in Cherokee. They always have part-time jobs for cashiers, but if you can get a job as a candy dipper or fudge maker, you’ll be thrilled to go to work everyday. Just be careful not to gain too much weight while working this part-time job.