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Best Online Horse Games for Kids

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Whether your children are being raised on a farm or in a rural area, or being brought up in the big city, they are sure to love animals. Among the myriad of furry creatures that make up their imaginary world, the horse has always been a long-time favorite. Kids love horses, ponies, unicorns, and everything and anything related to them. If your child falls in to this group, you should take a look at the variety of online horse games that are available to children.

The My Little Pony brand of toys has been enchanting children for decades. With their bright colors, and fun accessories, they are always a toy box favorite. Did you know that the manufacturer had a website that features online horse games for kids? They can choose their favorite pony and make it ride a roller-coaster, play the butterfly island adventure game, do matching games, and print out coloring pages. Your child can also download pony themed wallpaper for their computer desktop.

Another web page you might want to visit is called Horseland. This site claims to be the oldest and largest horse game for kids online. It is a virtual world where children can breed their own horses and show them in competitions. They ride their horses around in a virtual world, create jumping obstacle paths for them, and just have fun controlling their own stable of horses.

Ponybox is a good source of online horse games for kids. It is a sim horse game, where children manage a team of horses and take part in competitions, playing head to head against other players. The games that are available include dressage, jumping, racing, and more. This website has parental controls, which are a nice feature that allows your children to experience live online play without worrying about what they might be exposed to.

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For a wide variety of free online horse games, take a look at 1001 Web Games. I’m not sure if the site has the number of games that they claim in their title, but they have quite a few equestrian games. Follow the link for sports games, and then select the option for show jumping. That will lead you to a page with steeplechase, horse races, and show jumping games.

Finally, here is a website for the littlest ones. A good source of animals games is called Fun Baby Games Online. The animals here are farm animals in general rather than horses specifically, but babies will appreciate it. My favorite game here is called Farm Animal Peek-a-Boo. The graphics are cute, and it features animals that pop up randomly to delight your baby. It is fun because it makes them laugh, and they learn to anticipate what might come up next. It is a great early-learning tool.

These are the online horse games for children that I have played, and would recommend to your children. As always, make sure that you monitor your children’s internet usage carefully, and be a part of their online experience by playing the games with them whenever you can. Enjoy your online horse games and adventures!