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Best Michael Cera Movie Performances


Michael Cera is a Canadian actor who’s gotten popular after portraying George-Michael Bluth on the short-lived “Arrested Development.” He’s acted mostly in movies since then and has made quite the name for himself. The following movies are the best five movies that Michael Cera has been in.

5. “Nick and Norah’s Infinite Playlist”

Nick is heartbroken after his girlfriend Tris has broken up with him, but one night at a club, Norah asks him to be her boyfriend for five minutes. She coincidentally is best friends with Tris. Things only escalate from there as Nick and Norah go on an adventure to hunt down a band that’s giving a secret performance somewhere in the city and develop a relationship with each other, literally overnight. This is one of the first movies people may have watched just because Michael Cera was in it, and it was easy to sympathize with Nick from the very beginning, and you only want him to be happy throughout the film.

4. “Paper Heart”

“Paper Heart” is somewhere between mockumentary and documentary as comedienne Charlyne Yi goes around the country to find out what love is. Meanwhile, one night at a party, Michael Cera meets Charlyne and wants to get to know her better and practically stalks her until she agrees to go out with him. Michael Cera and Charlyne Yi were a real life couple at the time, and you could tell they were having fun making the film. The dedication Michael puts in to just getting one date with Charlyne is pretty fun to watch, too.

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3. “Youth in Revolt”

Many haters complain that Michael Cera only plays the same nervous, awkward character in everything. In “Youth in Revolt,” this can be said about Nick Twisp, but definitely not about his alter-ego Francois Dillinger. Francois is smooth, confident, and slightly sociopathic, but is there to help Nick on his quest to make Sheeni his girlfriend. This starts to backfire and Nick needs to reconcile the two personalities before he gets into real trouble with the law. This is a very fun movie to see Michael Cera in because of how much trouble he causes as Francois.

2. “Superbad”

“Superbad” is the movie that really made Michael Cera a household name. He plays Evan, who along with his best friend Seth, just wants to get alcohol to a high school party to impress a girl he likes so that he can fill his summer with new experiences. Of course, nothing goes the way it’s supposed to and the goal to get alcohol in the first place becomes an adventure in itself. There is also tension as Evan got accepted into a college that Seth didn’t get into, and it will be their last summer together. It’s a fun high school party movie to watch, and it’s no wonder that “Superbad” is the movie almost everyone thinks of when they think of Michael Cera.

1. “Scott Pilgrim vs. The World”

“Scott Pilgrim vs. The World” is probably the best movie Michael Cera has been in. He exhibits a lot of character growth in the movie from the very beginning. Scott has had his heart crushed by an ex-girlfriend, and to prevent having real, grown-up relationships dates a 17-year-old named Knives. His friends, roommate, and sister make fun of the 22-year-old Scott for dating a teenager, but he mostly blows them off until he meets Ramona Flowers at a party. At that point, everything becomes about Ramona and Knives is forgotten. However, dating Ramona doesn’t come easily as Scott has to defeat her seven evil exes, which turns out isn’t even the hard part. Michael Cera really brings to life Scott’s emotions and character growth and it’s easy to be mesmerized by his performance.

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These are the five best movies that Michael Cera has been in, or at least they are so far. As Michael Cera continues working and his filmography grows, we may see even better from the actor. However, these five movies are the ones that every Michael Cera fan should see.