White is the absence of all color, but don’t let that stop you from planting a primarily white flower garden. A white flower garden enhanced with a few colorful flowers and beautiful deep green foliage makes an outstanding display. Some of the most beautiful flowers available are white, and a white flower garden is simply stunning. There are a number of beautiful white flowers that are eye-catching and unique. Consider planting a white flower garden that includes the following beautiful white flowers. These white flowers do very well in most hardiness zones, and all who see your white flower garden will be amazed at the beauty white flowers behold.

White Coneflower

The coneflower is quite popular, but did you know this popular garden flower is available in white? The white coneflower has petals as white as snow, and they are breathtakingly beautiful. The centers of the white coneflower are a lovely deep shade of green. This white eye-catching flower is definitely unique, and it would make a great addition to a white flower garden.

White coneflowers reach a maximum height of about three feet, and it would make a fantastic background for lower growing flowers. When cut, white coneflowers look beautiful in flower arrangements. Consider planting white coneflowers in zones three through eight. White coneflowers will grace your garden with crisp white flowers from the middle of summer to the beginning of autumn.


Monarda comes in an array of beautiful bright colors, but the white monarda is exceptionally beautiful. White monarda looks like an exotic tropical flower you’d find in a sultry climate, but white monarda is suited for zones four through nine. The flowers appear ruffled and boast a number of white frilly blooms. What’s most amazing is the aroma of the foliage of this stunning white flower. The scent of monarda leaves is heavenly, and hummingbirds absolutely love the white nectar filled blossoms.

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White monarda reaches a maximum height of approximately forty inches, and it would look great as a white border or hedge flower. Monarda will provide beautiful white blooms from the beginning to middle of summer. Consider this fragrant white flower if you want to make a statement in your white flower garden.

Super Shasta Daisy

The super shasta daisy is an outstanding white daisy that appears perfect to the imperfect eye. The name of this beautiful white flower is very appropriate. It’s definitely super. These white petaled flowers are simply breathtaking, and they are an excellent choice for a white flower garden. The sunny yellow center of the super shasta daisy is a striking contrast to the crisp white petals that surround it.

The super shasta daisy reaches a maximum height of about three feet and spreads out to a width of approximately two feet. Plant super shasta daisies in hardiness zones five through nine. Their beautiful white and yellow blooms will embellish your flower garden from late in spring right up until autumn. Consider this white flower if you want a real showstopper in your flower garden.


Do you want a beautiful white flower that reaches an amazing height of about seven feet? If you’re looking for a white towering plant that’s full of beautiful white blooms, then white boltonia is the flower for you. Boltonia looks a lot like an aster because it’s closely related. This tall white flower makes a great border for the back of a white flower garden. It’s hardy and easy to grow, and you can enjoy cuttings of white flowers from late summer to early autumn.

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Consider growing white boltonia in hardiness zones three through eight. This magniloquent flower grows best in full sun. It tends to become leggy and won’t bloom well in shadier locations. This white flower is a definite winner and should be considered if you’re searching for flowers to fill your white flower garden.

Gas Plant

This is a highly unique flower that lives up to its name. This white flower actually releases gas that is flammable. Don’t let this scare you from including this unassuming white flower in your white flower garden. The gas released isn’t easy to ignite, and it isn’t dangerous to kids or pets, and it won’t burst into flames near your barbeque grill. The name of this white flower doesn’t really do it justice. The gas plant produces very attractive white flowers that would make a unique addition to any white flower garden. This white flower would certainly be a topic of conversation amongst guests to your garden.

The gas plant reaches a height of about thirty inches, and this unique white flower is best suited for zones three through seven. Gas plants do well in full sun, and they are very easy to grow. Consider the gas plant if you want a unique white flower that will provide beauty and interest to your white flower garden.