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Bath and Body Works: Temptations, B&BW;’s New Summer Line

Sunsets, Temptation

I usually am in love with the Temptations line from Bath & Body Works, and could not wait for the May 11th 2007 release of their summer scents. 3 new scents for the summer included Sunset Mango, Beyond Berry, and Island Coconut.

Each scent can be bought in either a 3 in 1 shower product which includes a shampoo, body wash, and bubble bath. You can also get these scents in the body spray, burning oil, lotion, and for a limited time at the store you can even buy the candles in the scents.

I cold not wait to get my hands on the washes and the lotions in particular. Once in the store though I was disappointed when I took my first sniff of each of them one by one.


Sunset mango which is placed in a lovely burning orange colored bottle smelled of rotting peaches and tangerines.

Island Coconut smelled just like suntan lotion mixed with alcohol

Beyond Berry smelled similar to Sunset Mango, only more fruity. Still it smelled like rotting fruit, and I was not impressed.

The lotions smelled the same, and there was no way I wanted rotting fruit on my skin, or alcohol coconut on it either. The candles smelled slightly different, but thats because the scents were so weak I could barely detect a scent.

The prices for these awful scents were also way too high. Bath & Body Works will usually release a 4oz trial sized bottle of the scent in a 3 in 1 bath product, but they failed to do this, at least in my local store. I wouldn’t of minded spending $5 on a trial sized bottle of the scents, but $12 for the larger 16oz bottle was a bit much.
The candles were also over priced at nearly $15 each. The home fragrance oils were the usually $7.50, and the sprays and lotions varied from $10 to $12. If there is a sale, or you happen to get a coupon you could obtain most of these items for free or for a percentage off. However you are seriously better of using these coupons for older Temptation scents.

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Usually Temptations products smell so realistic that even if it’s not a scent you are fond of you will buy it anyway.

I went ahead and got all 3 of the 3 in 1’s. I had 3 coupons and simply made 3 separate transactions for the free products. So really spending nothing on them was a…steal?!


Well most of the Temptation 3 in 1’s work great for me when used as a bubble bath, they smell fantastic and give a decent lather when used as a body wash, and sort of fail when it comes to using them as shampoo. They tend to dry out your hair if you don’t use deep conditioning afterward.


When used as a wash smelled still of the rotting tangerines I spoke of earlier, and I was not impressed at all. The scent was not a horrible scent that would make you gag, but trust me, there are scents from this same line that will really impress you.

When I used it as a bubble bath I did get a decent amount of bubbles, but again, rotting citrus bubbles.

As a shampoo it did leave my hair dried out, but the scent stood with me for the day. In my hair the scent was not as rotten smelling, but that is probably only because it was mixed with my conditioner.


When I used this scent as a body wash, the same horrid alcohol mixed with suntan lotion was apparent, and I hated it. The lather was decent like Sunset Mango, but usually all of the Temptation scents make for a decent lather.

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As a bubble bath, again I got an okay amount of bubbles. The bubbles were scented like suntan lotion, and the alcohol smell was subsided. It wasn’t awful, but it was a scent I hate. Suntan lotion! Ech. I only like smelling like that funk at the beach, not after a clean bath.

As shampoo, again, it dried out my hair. The scent however did not last, and I was sort of glad for that.


As a wash it was probably the better of the 3. The rotting berry scent was more subtle when I began to produce a lather. Instead the smell of raspberry and blueberry could be detected. It was okay, but seriously nothing special at all.

I got a nice pile of bubbles out of Beyond Berry, but nothing compared to Lush bubble bars. The bubbles lasted a good 10 minutes before duding out on me. The scent again was decent, but nothing to go nutty over.

As shampoo, like always, it dried out my hair but the scent of berry’s stood with me for a good while. The berry’s thankfully did not smell lie rot in my hair, but I still think that is only because of the conditioner I used after the fact.


All of the 3 in 1’s come in a stand up fat bottle with an easy to use click up cap. Each bottle has an easy to distinguish one between the other label. Sunset Mango like I said is a burning orange color, Island Coconut is blue and white, and Beyond Berry is a purple color. Each label has a beach like tropical scene. It is the prettiest bottles I have seen yet come from this line. However it seems like they spent all of their time and money making pretty bottles, than they did on the actual product. The matching lotions all have the same picture, so you can easily find it in the store.

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I find it odd that these scents only came out on the 11th of May and already Island Coconut is no longer available online.


You can easily obtain all of these scents in many different products at any local Bath & Body Works, or you can buy as of now Beyond Berry and Sunset Mango online at www.bathandbodyworks.com


The scents in the summer line are nothing to go nuts over. 2 of the 3 smell like rotting fruit, and Beyond Berry is only okay.


If you cannot get a coupon to get them for free, don’t waste your money.