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Bath and Body Works Signature Collection Couture: Shimmer Body Lotion, Sensual Amber

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Every time I stop into Bath and Body Works I come across something new, or something slightly new, yet un-owned.

Bath and Body Works released the Signature Collection Couture Limited Edition Number 3 Shimmer Body Lotions a few weeks ago. The couture limited edition lotions are basically old Signature Collection scents with a new shimmery twist.

I picked up a lotion from the couture collection in the Sensual Amber scent, only because it is my favorite scent in the Signature Collection; and because I had a coupon for $10.00 off my purchase of $30.00 or more.

The Shimmer Lotion came to $12.00 for a 6 ounce bottle. A bit pricey compared to an original Signature Collection body lotion, which would of cost me only $10.00 for an 8 ounce bottle.

Shimmer Body Lotion though comes in a completely new and reinvented consistency. In the store I popped the top off of a tester bottle, and squeezed a very small amount of the lotion into my hand. As I began rubbing the lotion around I noticed the shimmer right away. It was gorgeous. It appeared to be micro flecks of holographic glitter than would shine like mini rainbows on my skin when I moved around in the light.

The scent is the original Sensual Amber that I know and love…after seeing the rainbows on my skin, I was basically sold…even if it was a bit more expensive than the original Signature Collection lotion.


Shimmer Body Lotion, Sensual Amber comes in an amber colored metallic stand up tube that rests on it’s cap in a stand up position. The tube itself has fancy elegant etchings in it in a lighter orange colored metallic. To be honest the Couture Collection is pretty easy to miss only because it does not resemble he Signature Collection at all. One could easily think that this collection is some new designer to the store. You really have to get up close and personal to realize that the scent is in fact Sensual Amber seeing how the print is sort of small.

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My Use:

At home I planned on applying the Shimmer Lotion everywhere. I wanted to be sparkly, and I wanted to smell like heaven. I popped the top and gave the tube a small squeeze.

The white pearly shimmering lotion came pouring out like watered down glue. The consistency was way more watery then the bottle I tested in the store! It seriously poured right from the bottle without me even having to squeeze it. A slight tip of the tube and the lotion comes sliding out of it.

After getting the lotion situated I then rubbed it all over the place. The result was gorgeous…a lot of shimmer. Even in bad lighting the shimmer would still be very recognizable. The lotion also absorbs quickly.

What I liked best about the shimmer was that it wasn’t juvenile. An adult woman could get away with wearing this shimmer lotion on her shoulders or back at a Christmas party, and it would look classy…not tacky.

The lotion does not do much for moisturization. In my opinion the lotion is strictly for shimmer and for scent. Moisturization was not really included into the mix.

The shimmer remained on my skin for the rest of the day. The scent stuck around for about 3 hours, and was gone.


Bath and Body Works Signature Collection Couture: Shimmer Body Lotion, Sensual Amber may be a runny lotion, but it is actually really pretty, and smells fantastic. I definitely recommend this one to those who like a holiday sparkle, and it is a must for those who love the Sensual Amber scent.

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You can pick up a tube of this couture scent, or another couture scent at any local Bath and Body Works. You can also pick up a tube online at www.Bathandbodyworks.com.