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Aunt Jemima Frozen Homestyle French Toast: Consumer Product Review

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French Toast is one of my very favorite breakfast foods. Although I often prepare it from- scratch, sometimes I just don’t have the time or inclination to do so. That’s why I try to always have a box of Aunt Jemima (R) frozen Homestyle French Toast on hand. Like all of the other Aunt Jemima (R) frozen products, their frozen Homestyle French Toast is delicious, convenient and easy to prepare. The 12.5 oz box of this product contains six slices of French toast which can be heated for use several different ways. These French toast slices can be heated in a toaster, microwave oven or conventional oven. Although I generally prefer to heat this French toast product in the toaster, I have tried all three methods and each works very well. One advantage to heating Aunt Jemima (R) frozen Homestyle French Toast in the conventional oven is that the delightful aroma produced by the French toast fills the entire area with a mouth- watering scent.

Each of the six slices of Aunt Jemima (R) frozen Homestyle French Toast packaged in the 12.5 oz box maintains a firm texture that holds up well to all types of heating methods. As opposed to preparing French toast from- scratch, wherein sometimes the slices of bread become overly- soaked in batter and cook unevenly, the prepared Aunt Jemima(R) Homestyle French Toast slices are always uniformly coated with batter. The slices themselves are aesthetically- pleasing, maintaining a light- yellow egg- wash- like appearance, accented by genuine, golden- brown griddle marks. Although the size of the Aunt Jemima (R) Homestyle French toast slices is that of a normal sandwich bread slice, because of the delicious batter coating them, they are actually quite filling, without being overly so. The manufacturer’s suggested serving size of this product is two slices (118g), which, when topped with butter, margarine or spread and pancake syrup provides for an adequate, satisfying meal. Sometimes, I prefer to heat a slice or two of this product and eat it plain, with no toppings, or with just a small amount of vegetable oil spread. Aunt Jemima (R) frozen Homestyle French Toast also tastes great topped with a dusting of confectioner’s sugar or artificial sweetener, or with jelly, jam or preserves. When combined with cooked bacon, ham or sausage, Aunt Jemima(R) frozen Homestyle French toast slices are sublime. Another excellent, albeit somewhat unconventional use for this excellent frozen French toast is in the preparing of Monte Cristo sandwiches, which usually consist of ham, turkey and cheese nestled between slices of French toast.

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When it comes to taste, Aunt Jemima (R) frozen Homestyle French Toast can’t be beat. The flavor offered by these French toast slices rivals or surpasses any homemade or restaurant- prepared French toast that I have eaten anywhere. Nutritionally, each 2- slice serving of this French toast contains 240 calories, with 50 calories from fat. Besides their frozen Homestyle French toast, Aunt Jemima (R) also offers frozen Cinnamon French Toast, Cinnamon French Toast Sticks and Whole Grain French Toast. The normal retail price for this product is actually very reasonable and can often be found on sale at many food retailers. All things considered, Aunt Jemima (R) frozen Homestyle French Toast is a high- quality, delicious food product that is highly recommended by this food writer.