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A Guide to Finding the Best Jeans to Fit a Plus Size Hourglass Shape

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Having a pair of jeans that fit your figure wonderfully can give your wardrobe endless possibilities. Because jeans are so versatile, they can be worn virtually anywhere. You can wear them to a nightclub, to work, or even a baseball game. However, if you are a full figured woman, finding a pair of jeans that fit and flatter your figure can be a difficult task. If you are looking for a great pair of jeans but you are not sure where to start, don’t worry. The Plus Size Fashionista’s Guide to Fabulous Dressing is here to help. In the next few articles, you will find several tips on finding the jean that best fits your body type. Body types usually fall into three categories: Hourglass, Apple, and Pear. In this article, you will find a guide to getting the perfect jean for a plus size, Hourglass shaped figure, including what to look for, and what to avoid.

The Hourglass body shape is the most coveted of the three general body types. Also known as the “classic Coke bottle shape, the Hourglass body type is the shape in which weight is distributed evenly to both the upper and lower parts of the body. The torso, shoulders, arms, and bust are equally proportional to the hips, thighs, and bottom. According to the Barbizon Modeling Handbook, a good way to see if you have a pear shape is to calculate your hip-waist ratio, where your waist measurement is divided by your hip measurement. If the ratio is 1 or close to it, you have an Hourglass shape. Actress/singer Jessica Simpson has an Hourglass body shape as well.

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If you have an Hourglass shape, you are in luck. This body shape is the most compatible with most of the latest fashion trends. You pretty much look great in all styles. However, there are a few things that the plus size, hourglass shaped woman should avoid. If you carry a bit of extra weight in your torso, steer clear of ultra-low and low-rise jeans. These rises normally cut into the extra flesh you may have, causing the flesh to spill over the top of the waistband. If you prefer low-rise styles, make sure that the jeans’ waistband fits comfortably and correctly. Full figured, hourglass shaped women look great in most jean cuts, from wide leg jeans, to the ever-popular “skinny” jeans. Try to avoid highly faded jeans that will give the impression of a wider bottom half; you already have a great figure, so there is no reason to fix what is not broken.

Remember, the inseam of your jeans is very important. The inseam of jean is the measurement down the inside seam of the jean, from crotch to hem. The hem of your jean should hit the bottom of the heel of your shoe, so length is very important. Wearing jeans that are not long enough tends to ruin the leg lengthening, slimming effect that a jean can have. Remember, it is much easier that have your jeans hemmed or roll them up than to try to add fabric to the bottom of the jean. Do not be afraid to buy jeans that may be a bit too long; fixing that problem is easy. Wearing jeans that are too short for you will just make you look awkward.

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Stick to fitted jean styles that skim the hip, thigh, and seat areas, but make sure your jeans aren’t too tight. Very tight jeans are unflattering for fuller figures. Also, avoid baggy jean styles, as these will only make you look bigger and bulkier. Your jeans should make you look longer and leaner, not shorter and wider.