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A Daddy’s Love: A Father’s Day Poem

He holds his baby, softly singing tunes and lullabies,
It’s midnight, but it breaks his heart to hear her little cries.
Her precious eyes, they sparkle, to his heart she holds the keys;
A daddy’s love is deeper than the deepest of the seas.

Her big, brown eyes look up at him, his little girl’s afraid.
“Please stay with me,” she whispers, “make the monsters go away.”
It’s midnight once again, but sleep can wait, she needs him now;
A daddy’s love goes higher than the highest of the clouds.

The front door closes softly, she returns home from her date.
He’s waiting just to hug her and be sure she’s not too late.
It’s midnight, but it’s worth it just to know that she’s all right;
A daddy’s love is stronger than the strongest warrior’s might.

It’s midnight on her wedding day, the last guest finally gone.
He gave his little girl away, his job is finally done.
And though she’s grown, within his heart, his precious girl she’ll stay;
A daddy’s love lasts longer than forever and a day.

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