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5 Special Gifts for Your Parent’s Anniversary

Anniversary Gift Ideas, Camera Accessories

An anniversary is the best opportunity you have to show your parents how much you care. Flowers, tickets to a movie and dinner are nice ideas, but nothing compared to giving your time and a carefully thought out gift both your parents can enjoy together.

Go Digital& Heartfelt: Get your parents to talk about themselves. Record the conversation, if possible. At the very least take great notes. Then, with the help of tech savvy relatives, neighbors or friends put their words to images. Create a virtual slide show celebrating your parent’s lives. Tip: This is a project that should be started several months in advanced.

Celebrate The Good Times: Host a semi-formal get together with just your parents, their closest family and friends, and you. Have each person present a favorite memory and corresponding gift. Your parents will love the attention and the great stories! Tip: This can be a confusing event for younger members of the family. Encourage them to keep the story simple and, the younger the child, ask them to retell something that happened recently.

Take a Trip: Take your parents to the places they met. Help them re-create the momentous events. Set the mood by playing music popular at that time, and even pop in a movie or two that they would have seen together. Don’t forget to visit the neighborhood(s) they lived in as well as drop into a restaurant similar to their first date. Tip: Be prepared with batteries and camera/camera accessories. Your parents will want to record their visit to memory lane.

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Say Their Vows Again: One of my mother-in-law’s favorite memories was getting married – for the second time. Saying vows again, even as simple as standing before a justice of the peace, can reaffirm your parent’s purpose in marrying each other in the first place and for staying together now. Hold a wedding reception afterwards to celebrate the grand event. Tip: It’s a good idea to bring your parents in on this anniversary present instead of springing it on them. Although some second weddings are done spur of the moment many couples that marry each other again need to give it the serious thought such a momentous event deserves.

Make Memories Accessible: Many of our parents have not embraced the wonders of technology. Although DVD players may be common, the full scope of use is not understood by many of our parents or parents-in-law. Donate the gift of your time and patience and help your parents move some of their beloved photographs from hard copy to alternate media such as a DVD or even a web page. Tip: Whether this gift results in a DVD to play (and maybe copies to hand out to friends and family) or a web page, remember the end purpose is to give your parents a virtual brag book they can share, or peruse as they choose.

Have A Blast: Your Parent’s Anniversary should be a good, fun time. But it’s not worth the trouble or hassle if it wears you -or them – out before the celebration. Remember to have a blast, relax, and enjoy the fun.

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