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5 Psychology Research Paper Topic Ideas

Stockholm Syndrome, Therapy Animals, Topic Ideas

Are you stumped for ideas for a research paper for your psychology class? Looking for a subject that is captivating? Want a unique topic that is easy to write about? Here are five ideas for a psychology research paper. These are intended for college-level psychology classes, but can be used for high school students as well.

Psychology Research Paper Topic Idea #1: Pet Therapy

Do you like animals? Or, have you just wondered about the benefits of pet therapy? If so, a research paper on pet therapy might be your choice. You could discuss the positive results from pet therapy, interview someone who has facilitated pet therapy, and more. (This is referring to pet therapy for chronically ill patients, abused children, and more, not therapy for pets. Although, therapy for pets could be a topic as well.)

One great resource to check out for this topic is the Delta Society. Their theme is “improving human health through service and therapy animals. There are numerous journal articles, video clips and more on the subject of pet therapy. You might also want to call a local hospital social worker for some insight on this subject.

Psychology Research Paper Topic Idea #2: Interruption Adoptions and the Effects on Children

This is a very tragic and sad topic. “Interruption adoption” refers to a failed adoption. In other words, an adoption where the adoptive parent changed their minds. One great source for this topic is “When Adoptions Go Wrong: Psychological and Legal Issues of Adoption Disruption” by Lita Schwartz. 20/20 aired a story on this issue in 2008. You can read about it here.

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Psychology Research Paper Topic Idea #3: Massage Therapy and Depression

This research paper will answer the question “Does Massage Therapy Help Alleviate Depression?” There are plenty of massage therapists who would be happy to be interviewed for this paper. (Although they might provide a one-sided viewpoint.) If you google “massage therapy and depression” you will find a plethora of information on this topic.

Psychology Research Paper Topic Idea #4: Stockholm Syndrome

Stockholm syndrome is when a hostage or kidnapped victim bonds with his/her kidnapper and is actually concerned for him/her after the ordeal is over. There are very few cases of this subject, but you can find plenty of articles and internet material on Stockholm Syndrome. One place to start for information on Stockhold Syndrome is the Wikipedia article here.

Psychology Research Paper Topic Idea #5: Post Adoption Depression

Everyone has heard of post partum depression in new mothers who have recently given birth. Some people do not realize that there can also be depression in parents following an adoption. One excellent resource for this topic is the book is Post Adoption Blues: Overcoming the Unforseen Challenges of Adoption written by Karen Foli and John Thompson. You can find more information on this topic by google “post partum adoption depression.”

These are just five research paper topic ideas for a psychology term paper. Happy Writing!