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5 Fashion Tips for Big Woman

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Are you a big woman who needs some tips for dressing fashionable? You can dress in fashion while minimizing what you pay to the large-woman department store. Chances are that you can find much of what you need to dress in style at your local Wal-Mart. So, what can a big woman wear to look stylish? Here are some fashion tips for dressing as the fashionable, big woman that you want to be:

Wrap-around tops. Wrap-around tops flatter a big woman’s bust line by hugging every inch, and these types of tops trace your figure, reducing the unnecessary bulk that a large bust produces in a regular pull-over top. So, what are you waiting for? Find yourself a wrap-around top to show off your bust line. Make sure that you don’t get anything sheer, though. A large woman needs something sturdy. Otherwise, this top, like all other sheer tops, will only add pounds to your look, rather than take away.

Prints on bottom. Like any other woman, a big woman likes to change up her wardrobe by wearing stylish prints. Even so, prints can add pounds to your look if you fail to wear these carefully. The best way for a big woman to wear prints is to make sure that she wears the printed material on the bottom half of her body and matches it with a solid-colored top, preferably a dark one. A dark, solid-colored top will help slim your body’s upper thickness, and the printed material on the bottom will help attract viewers’ eyes to your large hips, which is in fashion at the moment.

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Men’s Polyester dress pants. The key to a good pant fit is to make sure that your pants are not so binding that you cannot move in them. Sometimes, this means having to buy a bigger size than necessary just to fit some parts of a big woman’s body. Why not skip the jeans and buy a pair of men’s polyester dress pants? These pants are perfect for the big woman because these pants will stretch to fit the body, while supplying some support. Even more, the sturdy stitching and defined button pockets add flair to the pants, flair that you usually cannot see in other women’s pants. The best thing is that you can often pick these pants up at a garage sale for a fraction of the cost of what you would pay in a department store.

Good bras. Bras tend to break down quickly with the large woman because a large woman often has more breast to support, so make sure that you replace your bras often. As well, if your straps will not stay in place, it might serve your figure well to pin your bra straps into place with safety pins. This sounds painful, but it really isn’t. Too, pinning your bra straps into place offers added assurance that your bra is helping you get the best support you can from it.

Chunky jewelry. Feminine jewelry does not have to be small jewelry, so purchase some good, large costume jewelry pieces that you can wear with most of your outfits. A big woman needs big jewelry for proportion. Remember to try these jewelry pieces on (and look in the mirror). Just because the jewelry feels good, doesn’t mean that it looks good, and vice versa. Make sure that you can wear the jewelry for an extended length of time without the jewelry causing you to sweat, even worse pinching you.

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