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2011 Trends in Men’s Dress Shirts

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The beginning of a New Year means reexamining fashion styles, and this is certainly the case when it comes to men’s business wear. Dress shirts play a prominent role in men’s suiting choices and you will find a wide selection of different types of men’s dress shirts out this season. Top trends for 2011 include men’s French cuff dress shirts, long sleeve dress shirts, the spread collar dress shirt as well as upcoming spring short sleeve dress shirts.

French cuff dress shirts refer to the particular style of the cuff. French cuff dress shirts have a double cuff,with the top layer of cuff material folded back on top of itself. This creates four layers of fabric that need to be attached to keep the French cuff dress shirts closed at the cuff, and this thickness of fabric would make using a button to close the cuff impossible. This is why cuff links are worn with French cuff dress shirts.

The spread collar dress shirt is a hot trend right now in men’s work wear, and it is often worn with mens French cuff dress shirts for a highly polished and stylized look in the New Year. The spread collar dress shirt simply has a wide collar that does not have button-down collar points, which are considered a more casual look than that offered by the spread collar.

Long sleeve dress shirts offer more warmth in the winter months and can be replaced with short sleeve dress shirts in the spring and summer. Short sleeve dress shirts are considered a little less formal than the long sleeve varieties but certainly more comfortable to wear when the temperatures heat up.

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All dress shirts for the new season feature long tails. This makes it much easier to keep them neatly tucked into your pants.

The type of cloth you select for long and short sleeve dress shirts will vary upon several factors. Men’s dress shirts may be made from silky fabrics or from Oxford cloth, which is a type of woven material and a classic choice for men’s dress shirts.

Since you want to look your best in the work environment, it is always a good idea to iron your dress shirts prior to use. Crisp collars and cuffs, as well as fronts and backs with no wrinkles, will go a long way in giving you an elegant appearance on the job.

If you want to begin right now in seeing the latest men’s dress wear fashion trends, you can visit an online men’s dress clothing purveyor for what is new for 2011.

Susan Slobac writes about trends in French cuff dress shirts & short sleeve dress shirts.