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10 Exciting Uses for Old Mailboxes

Mailboxes, Sponge Painting

A mailbox is just a mailbox. Right? No way! Nothing is as it seems, and these unique vessels are no different. With a little imagination, you’ll find there are a variety of fun ways to use old mailboxes around the house. They’re great for storage, decoration, and can serve practical purposes, too. We’ve provided 10 exciting uses for old mailboxes to get you started.

The ideas we’ve listed below will use either wall mounted mailboxes or post mounted mailboxes. You can find either one at your local flea market, antique shop, or even at many local garage sales. If the mailbox has chipped paint, or is an unattractive color, don’t let that discourage you from purchasing it. It can be easily sanded and repainted to look like new. Try adding a unique look to your refinished mailbox with a Shabby Chic Paint Technique, an Aged Crackle Finish, or a simple Sponge Painting Technique.

Wall mounted mailboxes

Guest bath roundup – This idea is practical and pretty to look at. Use a refinished wall mounted mailbox to store extra washcloths, soap, loofah brush, and other toiletries for guests. If the mailbox has hooks on the bottom, as many of them do, guests can hang their robe or toiletry bag from them.

Garage organizer – There can never be enough room in the garage for your belongings. By using a wall mounted mailbox, you’ll create a bit of storage without taking up shelf space. Sandpaper, flashlights, owner’s manuals, and so on, can be kept neat and out of sight.

Crafting supplies – Keep your favorite crafting supplies near your workstation by storing them inside a wall mounted mailbox. Scrapbook paper, embellishments, spare albums, scissors, and more, will fit snugly inside.

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Vessel for live flowers or plants – Here’s a unique way to display live flowers or greenery outdoors. Simply drill drain holes in the bottom of the mailbox and add a thin layer or rock. Add soil and your favorite plants for a one-of-a-kind plant pot.

Children’s coloring supplies – Your child will enjoy having a fun new place to store their favorite coloring books, crayons, markers, and other coloring supplies. Paint the mailbox a bold color and use lots of different primary colors to draw shapes, ABCs, or your child’s name. Mount the box low on the wall within your child’s reach.

Post mounted mailboxes

When removed from the post, this type of mailbox can be used for all types of interesting things. Here are a few of our favorites:

Breadbox – A loaf of bread will fit perfectly inside this type of mailbox, as will rolls, muffins, snack cakes, and so on. Paint the exterior the color of your choice and stencil the word ‘Bread’ on the side, or detail it to match the décor of your kitchen.

Gardening organizer – Keep like-items stored away neatly inside a mailbox. It will sit nicely in the garage or shed and can be used to hold gardening tools, seed packets, small plant pots, gardening gloves, and so on. If you’re crafty, try repainting the exterior of the mailbox a grassy green and hand paint a simple design of bright flowers or vines.

Birdhouse – If you want to see wildlife flock to your backyard, try setting out a several empty post mounted mailboxes. To protect them from outdoor elements, spray paint with a rust-proof material. Attach them between trees, to branches, or on a post. Birds and squirrels will nest inside them.

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Trashcan – An over-sized mailbox can be set on end as used as a decorative trashcan. By leaving the door in place, you can keep unsightly trash hidden from view. Sand down the exterior, paint a fresh new color, and add scratch-off appliques, ribbon, or other decorative elements, if desired.

Desktop organizer – What could be a better way to keep ‘to do’ papers separated from ‘done’ paperwork? Keep projects, reports, or unfinished homework inside your mailbox and remove when complete. Don’t forget to put the flag down, too!

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