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Wrote a Book? Design Your Own Book Cover with Book Cover Pro Software

Book Cover Pro is software that can easily make any book cover from the comfort of your home. Are you an author wanting to have a graphic designer work on your book cover, but you can’t pay the $500-1200 for the cover? Well, Book Cover Pro’s easy technology may be one for you. For a nominal fee, you can use the software to create your own book cover and be able to send to any printer the finished file (a pdf file) to printers like Lighting Source, Inc, Lulu Press, or any other printer. If you are an do-it-yourself type of person, and don’t mind tinkering with this new technology, then here’s the skinny on the product I bought a few months ago.

For $200.00 you can purchase the software, download it from the site, or have the company send you the CD and complete the graphic design production for yourself using the software on your home computer.

I highly rate the product because after a quick set up, it’s very easy to work on the book cover. Within five to ten minutes you can easily begin designing your own book cover.

What’s the skinny?
It’s easy to use. Easy to set up. You can use the background templates they provide on the site at www.bookcoverpro.com or you can drag and drop jpeg or tiff files into your book cover pro template so you can begin designing the book cover. Within the template, you can enter text and customize the size of the book, by placing the dimensions on the appropriate section. Make sure you get the size dimensions from your printer on the spine size and enter that as well as the ISBN number on the template so that will be generated within the book cover.

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Play around with the text on the front cover, back cover, and spine to your liking. Once that is done, save as a “pdf’ file and let others look at your work.

If you are not sure of what will work on the front cover or the back, look at other books you may have bought before and look at the layout on the covers. Find what you’d like to replicate.

What happens after the initial formatting?
You should save the initial file and then as a pdf file. Keep toying around with the cover until you are satisfied, and then, send the cover with your file to the printer. Many printers do take pdf files for book productions. But before you send any file, ask for the company (Printer’s) specific formatting instructions so you can match up. If you are uploading on Lightning Source, Inc., they do have an online section for Book Designers, go to that area, and read up on the specific requirements for spine and interior files. Match up and then submit your book for printing.

Want to know more? Log on to www.bookcoverpro.com.