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When I Grow Up T-Shirts – a Worthy Cause with Unique Designs

Behavioral Health, Pbj, Raising Money

Shannon Anello thought of a simple idea that turned into a big business. She wanted to use her Bachelor’s Degree in Graphic Design and Computer Art to inspire kids and help children in need. She created When I Grow Up® T-shirts with a unique design. They have kid-like stick figures that show a cute way of a person’s interest or profession. All the way from baby onsies to grown up sizes, there’s a shirt for everyone, and if she does not have a specific profession you’re interested in, she’ll design one for you.

When I Grow Up® does more than just sport a profession on a shirt, Shannon also created a foundation to support multiple causes such as autism and cystic fibrosis. She has created a shirt design where a percentage of proceeds will be donated to Autism Speaks for each shirt sold (see picture 2). Shannon has also donated her shirts to various schools for auction to purchase new playground equipment, supplies and more. Shannon has also helped support PBJ Connections, which is a nonprofit organization that provides mental and behavioral health therapy using horses.

Future goals for When I Grow Up® Foundation include raising money to help children overcome life threatening challenges such as violence, illness and poverty. Fundraisers for other organizations can also be arranged through Shannon.

When I Grow Up® T-shirts are adorable, well made and very unique. They come in long and short sleeves, hoodies, onsies and more. What makes them stand out? The design can be customized according to gender, occupation and ethnicity. My whole family received When I Grow Up shirts for Christmas (see picture 4). We get lots of compliments on them. When I Grow Up® is located in Blacklick, Ohio.

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