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What’s in Store from the Jonas Brothers?

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A hot teen band, three talented cute guys, a history of stellar performances, and Disney; put these together and you have one of the hottest bands in teen entertainment, The Jonas Brothers. The Jonas Brothers recently starred in the Disney, made for T.V. movie Camp Rock. They spent the last year opening for Miley Cyrus on her Best of Both Worlds Tour. What do the Jonas Brothers have in store for fans this summer and fall?

The Jonas Brothers’ Burning Up concert tour launched July 4 in Toronto, beginning the young bands second tour. After parting with Miley last year, the teen band toured with their Look Me in the Eye Tour. According to reports, Kevin, Nick, and Joe are pumped about the new tour, but work to keep their feet on the ground and their head out of the clouds. One of the strongest pacts among the Jonas Brothers is that they not let fame go to their head and remember they are just regular guys.

The Jonas Brothers’ background, built on faith and family helps keep their perspective where they want it. That can’t be easy considering the tremendous success the Jonas Brothers have achieved in the past year alone.

Current chatter among teen fans surrounds the coming release of the Jonas Brother’s new album. The album, which like the tour is named The Jonas Brothers’ Burning Up, is scheduled for August 12 release. Mark your calendars, the initial supply should sell out quickly.

The Jonas Brothers’ Burning Up album is said to be another positive, enjoyable record with plenty of teen beat.

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The Jonas Brothers’ Burning Up tour should boost their fan base. The concert tour is also being filmed as a Disney Digital 3D movie. The movie will ride the wave of Jonas Brothers’ hype and popularity created by their tour. If Miley Cyrus Best of Both World’s movie is any indication of Disney’s success at marketing concerts on the big screen, the Jonas Brothers should expect a huge boost from the movie.

The Jonas Brothers aren’t going away anytime soon. Look for a show by the band to premier on The Disney Channel. Fans should stay tuned for more exciting music and fun from their favorite teen band.