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Virginia’s Exotic Animal Laws

Exotic Animals, Goby, Mollusks, Piranhas, Prairie Dogs

Virginia’s Exotic Animal Laws are in place to protect the native flora and fauna found in Virginia. Even though these laws are in place, they do allow some exotic animals to become pets legally, but at the same time, they determine that some other exotic animals are just to dangerous or predatory to become anyone’s pet in this state. Before an individual in Virginia spends their hard earned money on an exotic pet they should check these laws to be sure they are not in violation of any of them.

Virginia Administrative Codes responsible for exotic animals in Virginia are 15-30-10 and 15-30- 40. According to these codes or laws, it is illegal for any individual to possess, export, import, take, purchase, sell or set free any animal that is considered wild or exotic in this state unless the individual has the required permits. These codes also state that the state of Virginia requires a permit for anyone to possess, import or sell certain exotic animals that have been declared predatory. Exotic animals that are included in this list are labeled as amphibians, birds, fish, mammals, mollusks and reptiles. The amphibians on this exotic animal list are the giant or marine toad, the African clawed frog, the barred tiger salamander, the gray tiger salamander and the blotched tiger salamander. Birds included on this list are the monk parakeet. Fish included on this list are smallmouth buffalo, bigmouth buffalo, black buffalo, piranhas, bighead carp, grass carp, red shiners, silver carp, black carp, rudd, tench, tubenose goby, round goby, tilapia, ruffe and air-breathing catfish. Mammals included on the exotic list are wild pigs and hogs, deer, wild dogs, coyotes, wolves, coyote hybrids, jackals, foxes, bears, raccoons, weasels, skunks, badgers, ferrets, civets, lingsangs, genets, fossas, mongooses, hyenas, aardwolf, big cats, bats, European hare, European rabbits and prairie dogs. Mollusks on the Virginia exotic animal list is the zebra mussel and reptiles on this list are alligators, caimans, brown tree snakes, crocodiles and gavials.

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Virginia Exotic Animal Laws do allow for a temporary permit that allows individuals to possess certain animals on the list of exotic animals. This permit, if required, is a written declaration that includes the species name of the animal in question as well as the common name of the animal. This written declaration also must include the number of individuals to be included in the permit, the date the animals were acquired, the sex of the animals or animals, their estimated age, characteristic of the individual animal such as height or length, tattoos, colorations and any other specific markings that can identify the animals.