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Vintage Clothing Stores in Indianapolis, Indiana

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Vintage clothing stores in Indianapolis, Indiana are a great starting place for one a kind articles of clothing. Vintage stores in Indianapolis, Indiana have a huge selection of clothing ranging from the early nineteen hundred to yesterday. Finding unique clothing may not be an effortless thing to do when your town has limited shopping resources. If everyone is shopping at the local Macy’s, you may feel like you are dressing like everyone else. Vintage clothing shops offer you an opportunity to be your own person. Vintage clothing stores are a great reserve for unusual pieces of clothing and accessories that will have all you friends asking you where you got that great shirt, or pants, or earrings.

Keep in mind when you are dressing in vintage clothing there are definitely a few rules. Less is more with vintage clothing. To draw more consideration to you vintage piece try only wearing one vintage piece at a time. If you wear more than one they should compliment each other. Keep your pieces in the same era. Something from the 1920’s most likely will not look great with something form the 1970’s. There are exceptions for every rule, so you will have to make the final decision. Lastly, have a blast with your choices. Vintage fashion is fun! If you are not relaxed with it, you won’t look excellent in it. So, now that you know the rules, check out one of these great vintage clothing stores in Indianapolis, Indiana.

Broad Ripple Vintage is a local Indianapolis vintage clothing store with a great selection of used clothing ranging from the 1940’s all the way to yesterday. Their inventory is arranged by size, which makes digging through their vintage bargains easier. The racks at Broad Ripple Vintage are filled to completion, so be sure to set aside more than one afternoon to really dig through their bargains. Broad Ripple Vintage is located at 824 East 64th Street, Indianapolis, Indiana, 46220. For direction or to set up an appointment to sell your own vintage and slightly used name brand clothing contact them at (317) 255-4135.

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Red Rose Vintage Clothing is located at 834 64th Street, Indianapolis, Indiana, 46220. They carry a variety of used clothing ranging from about the past four to five decades. They are a great source for creating a unique and authentic period costume as well as a great source to add fun and colorful one of a kind vintage pieces to your existing wardrobe. Red Rose Vintage Clothing buys, sells, and trades all manners of used clothing that is in good condition. They can be reached at (317) 257-5016.

Another Time Vintage Fashions says it all in their name. They carry a large selection of vintage duds in good condition. Another Time Vintage Fashions is one of Indianapolis’s best sources for authentic vintage clothing in good condition. They have a variety of vintage accessories, shoes, and hats available as well. Another Time vintage Fashions is located at 828 East 64th Street, Indianapolis, Indiana, 46220. For directions or to set up an appointment to sell or trade some of your own vintage clothing call them at (317) 255-1277.