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Troubleshooting Scansnap Manager Software

ScanSnap scanners connect to a personal computer via a USB cable and the function is managed by a proprietary software called ScanSnap Manager. The installation is similar to other software installations via a CD-ROM drive in the desktop computer. However, due to code and peripheral conflicts, sometimes the software doesn’t work as well on different computers. Fixing this problem can entail getting the computer to recognize the scanner unit or a full reinstallation.

Step 1

Turn on your computer. Use your computer mouse to select the menu option and click on the system folder. Select hardware and scroll down until you see your Scansnap scanner listed under the hardware displayed. Confirm that your computer is recognizing the scanner as an available peripheral and that the unit is functioning properly per your operating system by checking the properties tab after right-clicking on the scanner hardware listed in the system folder.

Step 2

Unplug the scanner if it is currently in the computer and not being recognized after checking the system folder in Step 1. Replace the USB cable with a new one and reconnect the scanner to the computer. Wait for the operating system to automatically identify the scanner being connected. Go to your system control folder after designating the menu with your mouse and click on the icon for adding new hardware. Direct the program via a mouse click to scan for new hardware to find your recently reconnected scanner.

Step 3

Go to the menu again with your mouse and click on the tab for the Scansnap Manager software already loaded in the computer and displayed on the menu. Doubleclick on the tab for the Scansnap Manager program. Try to scan a document by pressing on the scan button on the scanner after loading a test page. Wait for the program to recognize the signal and initiate the scan. Click on the Scansnap manager program help tab with your mouse if nothing happens. Find the troubleshooting section and follow the steps listed if the scanner does not respond to a scan attempt.

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Step 4

Go to the operating software menu on the computer with your mouse and select the tab for the ScanSnap program set. Click on the program uninstall feature. Wait for the computer to fully delete the current ScanSnap program on the computer drive. Check the computer screen periodically for the computer to tell you when it is finished uninstalling.

Step 5

Turn the computer off when finished, and wait 20 seconds for the temporary memory to clear. Restart the computer.

Step 6

Wait for the operating system to come up and fully load. Push the CD-ROM drive open button on your computer and wait for the tray to pop out. Place the ScanSnap Software CD that came with your scanner into the CD-ROM drive. Press the button again for the drive to close and the computer to begin reading the CD. Select a full installation when the CD installation menu appears. Reload the software onto the computer as a new program copy. Wait until the computer tells you the installation is complete.

Step 7

Restart the computer again after the new Scansnap software copy has fully loaded and the computer reboot initializes the program properly. Start the new “ScanSnap Manager” program when the computer has fully loaded again. Tips

Many problems associated with getting a ScanSnap Manager software copy to work tend to be associated with using the correct software driver for the specific ScanSnap model and the operating system being used on the computer. Fujitsu offers copies of all the drivers needed on their website, which can be downloaded for free (see Resources.)
Avoid making any individual changes to your computer registry. These files are integrated with complex coding relationships, and deleting one arbitrarily can cause a cascading problem with other system files unrelated to ScanSnap. Always use the software’s uninstall feature to remove it.

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