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Toy Review: Kid-O Bilibo by Kid-O

High Chair

The Kid-O Bilibo by Kid-O is probably one of the oddest looking toys you will ever see. It really looks like the base of a high chair. When my son received it I thought it would be useless, but he loves playing with it every day. Why does he love playing with his Kid-O Bilibo by Kid-O? Well, the main reason is that it can be used for anything he can come up with. The Kid-O Bilibo by Kid-O is basically just a molded plastic piece that looks like it was inspired by the bottom of the high chair, but believe me I was surprised by all the different uses my son has come up with for it.

If you have the Kid-O Bilibo, you don’t have to worry about purchasing a sit and spin. Once your child sits in it that can use their hands to spin them in circles and make themselves dizzy to their own delight. I have seen my son sit and make himself dizzy in the Kid-O Bilibo and then get up and run around the house five minutes later pretending it is an army hat.

If your kids like playing with water, then the Kid-O Bilibo has several uses. First my son likes using it as a water pail. With the curved edges he uses them sort of as spouts and likes to pretend he is watering the plants with it. Of course, now that he has the Kid-O Bilibo outside he can take it over to his sandbox. There it once again can be a pail to move sand around, but I have also seen him flip it over and it becomes a tunnel for him to play with his little matchbox cars and trains with in the sand box as well.

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My son is two and a half years old and shows his expanding imagination off every day with his Kid-O Bilibo by Kid-O. I would say this is great for kids from two years old to five years old to expand their imagination. Kid-O recommends the lowest age group as nine months for the Kid-O Bilibo by Kid-O. I can see possible uses including a sit and spin type toy where the parents spin the 9 month old while sitting in the Kid-O Bilibo. I also could see the possibility of attaching a rope to it and converting it into a swing for your young child. In other words, the Kid-O Bilibo by Kid-O has many different uses for different age ranges up to age five.

At $28, the Kid-O Bilibo by Kid-O is a little pricier than I expected. We received it as a gift for our son’s birthday. After seeing all he uses it for and how often he uses it though, the Kid-O Bilibo by Kid-O is definitely worth that price and I’d recommend it highly to parents of children from ages two to four, and moderately for nine months to two years and four to five years.