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Top Ten Songs by Trisha Yearwood

Trisha Yearwood

Trisha Yearwood is one of those singers that never fails to grab her listener by the heartstrings and bring them into her music. Truly one of the purest voices in country music Trisha has the voice and the emotion to make her listeners sit up and take notice when her music comes through their car radio.

Thinkin’ About You is a favorite among fans. This love song goes beyond the “I love you so much”; instead it reminds every listener about the feeling of being crazy in love as that love occupies every thought and moment of their day.

The Song Remembers When showcases the Trisha Yearwood’s tone, talent and emotion. The song reminds the listener about the love long passed with sentiment and sweetness. While there is not desire to go back, there is still that bit of tenderness left in the heart for that moment that takes you back. Truly one of Yearwood’s very best.

How Do I Live Without You for this Military Wife is a favorite song and often a hard one to hear. The song originally from the Con Air soundtrack reaches into the depths of the soul and the pain of separation from the person that makes your heart beat a bit faster and makes breathing feel a bit easier. Without a doubt Trisha Yearwood not only encompasses the pain and love with her pure tone but also pulls out every emotion she has in her country soul to make this an emotional ride for anyone who has ever been apart from the one they love.

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I Would have Loved You Anyway often feels like the sequel to How Do I Live Without You. Yearwood offers up the feeling of many after losing a great love. The final line of this song says it all in a soulful voice she cries out “Even if I had known how the story would end, I would have loved you anyway.”

She’s In Love With The Boy is the classic girl meets boy, girl loves boy, daddy hates boy song. Of course Mama’s good sense reminds daddy that he was once that boy and she was that girl. Of course the listener is rooting for the boy and girl to live happily ever after when the song is finished. This was Trisha Yearwood’s first big hit upon arriving in the country music scene. Fans have been in love with Trisha since.

Like We Never Had A Broken Heart is the starting over song. The pain from the previous love still lingers but there is hope to begin again. There is the desperate attempt at forgetting and moving on for two people who have not quite recovered from the last heartbreak.

Walk Away Joe is about the good girl and the bad boy that is bad for the girl. A mother worries as her daughter runs off with a boy that will do nothing but get her in trouble and cause her heartache yet the daughter doesn’t listen. Of course it ends as all bad relationships do; he leaves her behind after getting her on the wrong side of the law. As always mom is waiting with open arms when the child is ready to come home. While the song covers more of the boy and girl, Yearwood is reminding us that a mother’s love is always there.

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XXX’s And OOO’s song shows Trisha Yearwood’s fun and upbeat side. The song itself is about a woman who has grown up from being a little girl with ribbons and curls to one who is going to make it in a man’s world.

In Another Eyes her first duet with her husband Garth Brooks. Many assumed the song was more about their relationship at the time that simply a song about two people in love with other ties.

The Woman Before Me is a song that most women and even men can identify with. As one is made to pay for the actions of a previous relationship. Most have been through this at least once in some relationship.
If you are not familiar with Trisha Yearwood and her music you should really give her music a listen. You will not be disappointed.