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Top Ten Songs About Basketball

Air Force Ones, Nelly

Here are my Top Ten Songs About Basketball. If it were my decision we’d have hoops 24/7. Since we can’t have basketball every second of the day then I’ll just settle for some basketball related music. What gets me in the mood for playing hoops? How about this list of ten songs about basketball? Rap basketball songs seem to dominate the genre here.

Basketball by Kurtis Blow
“Basketball is my favorite sport, I like to dribble up and down the court”. Why is it on my list of top songs about basketball? This rap song about basketball starts strong and rolls from there. Kurtis Blow puts us in the mood with a song absolutely devoted to the sport of basketball. It’s old school rap and could use some new names in the mix. No Michael Jordan or LeBron James being mentioned here-it’s strictly old school like Dr. J and Moses Malone. I’d personally like to see a new version with a bit of an upgrade to the music and new names like Jordan and James thrown into the mix. You can check out a YouTube video of Kurtis Blow singing Basketball here. You can see a Lil Bow Wow remake here. Basketball is the ultimate tribute song-rap or any genre to the game.

Put It On The Line by CIU
This rap song is a strong basketball tribute with hoops terminology about a basketball work in progress. One second on the clock, hit the winning of the shot.” It’s awesome, motivational and should be included as a warm up song at basketball gyms around the country. You can hear the CIU basketball song here on YouTube. Another version which includes lyrics to Put It On The Line is here.

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Heart of a Champion by Nelly
This song definitely mention hoops several times. It also has a slight football tone mentioning Julius Peppers and Peyton Manning. Nelly also tags A.I. (Allen Iverson) and Shaq in this all around sports pump you up song.
“Ain’t no way they can stop me now!” Heart of a Champion
isn’t exclusively about basketball but it certainly applies. You can listen to the song here. “I can feel my ring coming”, too.

Air Force Ones by Nelly
Get To Stompin in My Air Force Ones. It may not be strictly basketball-it’s more about the shoes! Nelly talks about his high tops which are used for hoops. If this song doesn’t make you want to watch or participate in basketball warm-ups then you aren’t feeling the sport. Are shoes important to a basketball player? Absolutely. Nelly knows the drill. You can view the video after a quick ad here.

Lose Yourself by Eminem
It might not be specifically about basketball. It’s, however, one of the ultimate sports pump up songs ever.
It’s about the one shot and the moment that is provided to all athletes and not missing it. Lose Yourself might be the best sports rap ever created. It’s a Sports Anthem that can be played for any competition. Here is a video put to Lose Yourself on YouTube with USA Basketball. Could anyone disagree that it does mesh with Basketball? Warning-there are some profanities in this video and music.

Jump Around by House of Pain
This is another song that is not so specific about hoops. How can you deny the sport of basketball doesn’t involve lots of jumping? Why is it on my list of top songs about basketball? This song has been used for warm ups for years in Hoops. Jump Around might be fading a bit but it still has some serious basketball connotations. Watch Jump Around here.

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Remember the Name by Fort Minor
It’s another sports song that kind of works for everything. Similar to lose yourself, Remember the Name is a rap that just serves as a great basketball warm up song. You’ll hear this song in many gymnasiums and arenas around the country before a game tips off. You can listen to this great basketball song here.

Make ‘Em Say Uhh by Master P
It’s even a basketball video. Master P talks about them haters and admits he’s a no limit soldier. Why is this on the list of basketball songs? It’s about Hoops and it’s another great warm up song.
You can find this top basketball song here.

I Wish by Skee-Lo
Skee-Lo wants to compete even though he’s a bit on the short side. Skee-Lo watches from the bleachers and wishes he was a Hoops Star. Good thing he can rap. Listen to Skee-Lo wishing he was taller and a baller here.

Balla Baby by Chingy
It’s another rock solid rap about Hoops. NBA baller in the house! It’s a basketball rap you want to hear if you love hoops. It might not be the most well known basketball song out there but it’s got it’s share of game. You can watch this basketball rap song chilled with some Carmelo Anthony highlights here.

That’s it for my top ten songs about basketball. It turned out to be more of a top ten rap songs about basketball list. If you can persuade the Public Address team to play these 10 before your game you won’t have any arguments from the student section.