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Top 5 WWE CM Punk Action Figures

Jakks, Jakks Pacific, Straight Edge

WWE Champion CM Punk has been in the WWE for several years now and during this time he has had several action figure releases of his likeness. It started with Jakks Pacific and then transitioned to the Mattel series of figures.

If you’re a big CM Punk fan, check out his best five WWE action figures to collect, display and play with.

Jakks Pacific ECW Series 1

In 2007, CM Punk got his first WWE action figure and it was a part of the new ECW series. Punk is dressed in yellow trunks, features detailed recreations of his tattoos and comes with the trademark “X” design across the tape on his hands.

The figure comes with a dented cookie sheet, a common weapon accessory among Jakks Pacific figures. The figure is alos found in the “Hardcore Superstars” collection that includes the Sandman, Tommy Dreamer, Kevin Thorn, Bobby Lashley and Elijah Burke.

Jakks Pacific Wrestlemania 23 Series 2

At Wrestlemania 23, CM Punk wrestled in his first Money in the Bank Ladder matches and he got his own figure on the Wrestlemania 23 Series. The figure lacks a lot of his trademark tattoos, but has a new, more accurate headscan.

Punk wears red wrestling trunks that display the trademark stars he always has on them. This figure is a huge step up from previous releases, with more emphasis put into the little details.

Mattel Straight Edge Society CM Punk

The Mattel Elite collection includes accessories and details to make WWE Superstars look as accurate as possible. The Straight Edge Society CM Punk is a Ringside Collectibles exclusive that features the masked look when Punk was a leader of the Straight Edge Society and feuded against wrestlers like Rey Mysterio and the Big Show.

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The figure features colored details of his tattoos, a sling for his brief arm injury and a towel that goes over his head. The figure even has the “Drug Free” knuckle tattoos that CM Punk has in real life.

WWE All-Stars CM Punk and Stone Cold Steve Austin 2-Pack

The WWE All-Stars video game features a mash up of WWE Legends and current stars. This was celebrated with the released of exclusive 2-packs. The best set in this series is the package with Stone Cold Steve Austin and CM Punk.

The two stars are very different in lifestyles, but they could have an incredible in-ring feud. CM Punk’s figure comes designed with his classic long hair, yellow trunks and black pads. Stone Cold Steve Austin comes with knee braces, leather vest and a black and white hat.

WWE Battle Pack: Macho Man Randy Savage and CM Punk

With stars on the trunk, the flying elbow drop and a distinct look in the WWE, there is no denying the comparisons between CM Punk and Macho Man Randy Savage. Mattel recognized this too and released a 2-pack of the stars.

Both are wearing nearly identical ring gear based off of Macho Man’s classic pink tights and yellow pads. Accessories in the set include Macho Man’s sunglasses and the classic WWE winged championship belt.