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Top 5 Stackable Washer Dryers Sets

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If you are tight on space then a great way to save some space is to get a stackable washer and dryer set. A stackable washer and dryer set will save the space that a dryer or washer would otherwise take up by putting it into the open space above the other. Some places like apartments only have room for a stackable washer dryer and you wont have any choice but to get one. Even if you have the extra room and could use an individual washer dryer you may still be interested in a stacking washer and dryer for the smaller size and even for the better price by buying both together. Whatever your reasons a stackable washer and dryer is an expensive appliance and you will want to make sure you get a good quality one that will last because if only one part breaks for good the entire thing becomes pretty useless so it is important to get a good stackable washer and dryer. How do you know which washer and dryers are good though? That is simple you just read on.

For price you cannot beat the Frigidair 27in. Front Load Electric Laundry Center. This is price at about $950, which is a better deal then if you bought a washer and dryer separately. It is electric which means no gas for the dryer and if you live in an area that makes clean electricity you have a more environmentally friendly machine. Some people may not be familiar with the brand but Frigidair is actually a name old brand in fact they have been making appliances for the kitchen before anybody in fact the refrigerator used to be called a Frigidair because they were the first and only to make them. So you should not worry about getting a non-brand name because Frigidair is and they also make appliances that last along time.

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The Frigidair GLET1031FS is another 27in. option from Frigidair. It is cheaper at only $900 but prices vary on it and it can be more then the other Frigidair so do your homework on this one. Cooking.com and Amazon.com offer it cheaper then the other Frigidair so those are good places to start. It is probably the best deal of all the 5 machines.

The Whirlpool 24in. Electric Washer Dryer Combination is a good choice at slightly less then $1,000. Again you get a name brand and a possibly environmentally clean appliance. The downside is it cost more and has a smaller load capacity. While Whirlpool is name brand I would expect a Frigidair to last longer so I would choose the Frigidair over the Whirlpool but if you want to save by having a smaller machine and you like Whirlpool products and are not sure about Frigidair then go ahead and get this one.

Whirlpool also offers the LTG5243DQ. It is also a 24in. model but is gas which some may prefer to the electric. The cost is higher at $1,040 but if you want a better model or one that uses gas this is a good deal. The advantage is it offers more features. For the extra $40 it is a pretty good deal to get the extra features.

The GE Utilized Spacemaker is also a good choice but on the more expensive end. AT $1,200 it only offers the GE name behind it. It is an electric model and has the same features as the LTG5243DQ but cost more and the GE brand is good but the Whirlpool brand is better for appliances.

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All these models offer a good name and a good price compared to buying individually. All the items will last along time. Whatever you choose it will be a good choice.