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Top 5 Online Doctoral Degree Programs

Doctoral Degree Online

Your doctoral degree is the highest level of education that you can earn. If you’re ready to take that step and earn that honor, you should carefully think about what you want your Doctoral in. Don’t let time constraints stop you from earning your Doctorate. The internet has helped pave the way to make online learning easier then ever. You’ll be able to earn your Doctorate degree from your home computer.

Getting your PhD degree online means that you’ll be earning your degree from a school on the internet instead of going to an in person school. The perks are that you don’t have to worry about rushing into class because you’ll be completing the courses at home. This article will tell you five of the best online doctoral degree programs.

Top 5 Online Doctoral Degree Programs #1: Doctor of Business Administration Degree (D.B.A.)

Business is a hot field right now. The Doctor of Business Administration Degree is geared towards the business field so you’ll be able to get a job in that area. You will be taught communication and application of knowledge in business. Diploma Guide.com says that you’ll also learn “Corporate Finance, Project and Systems Management and Organization Theory and Finance, Information Systems Management, Project Management as well as Legal, ethical and regulatory analysis.” Some of the jobs you can obtain with this degree are a Chief Executive, Operational Manager, General Manager, etc.

Top 5 Online Doctoral Degree Programs #2: Doctor of Psychology (PsyD)

Wikipedia states that the Doctor of Psychology is a degree that “is a professional doctorate, which is earned through one of two established training models for Clinical Psychology.” If you enjoy helping and working around people, you should get your doctoral degree online in psychology. Some of your courses will be studying the human mind and human behavior. World Wide Learn says that additional courses will be “the history of ideas in psychology, human development, and theories of personality, social psychology, cognitive psychology, quantitative research, and courses specific to your area of interest. Specialties include clinical psychology, counseling psychology, school psychology, industrial-organizational psychology, developmental psychology, social psychology, or research psychology.”

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Top 5 Online Doctoral Degree Programs #3: Education (PhD)

There is always a need for people to be educated in Education because we all want to learn, be taught and instructed. With a PhD in Education, you’ll be taught online how to prepare for academic teaching and learn how to work in an administrative career. Universities.com says that “graduates will be taught courses in both practical and scholarly knowledge in their use of analytical, critical, and innovative thinking to improve the performance of educational institutions.’

Top 5 Online Doctoral Degree Programs #4: PhD in Public Health

Elearners.com says that a PhD in Public Health is a doctorate that “focuses on seeking solutions to significant public health problems and applying and integrating new knowledge into public health research and practice settings.” You will be taking courses on community health, medical health, social health, political health as well as ethical and economic factors that “contribute to an over-all well-being of a public health.” You have to be very open minded and caring of the public to get your doctorate online in this field because you’ll be learning the good AND the bad of public health and how people are affected.

Top 5 Online Doctoral Degree Programs #5: Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) in Information Technology

The computer world is constantly changing; new programs and software are always being written which means that someone in the Information Technology field always needs to be up to date. With your doctoral degree, you will be doing doctorial research and can have a career in an information security or network architecture and design or a different IT industry according to Elearners.com. Your courses will be in leadership, research, consulting, software programs, etc.