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Top 5 Community Colleges in California

Central California, Community Colleges

Top 5 Community Colleges

Although many students regard a 4 year degree as the gateway to a stable career, a 2 year associates degree can help the cash and time strapped student earn their way into a lucrative career as well. But that’s not all that most community colleges have to offer. Many provide personal interest style courses – from learning how to change the oil in your car to learning the latest dance moves.

Monterey Peninsula College

This college is located in the heart of beautiful Monterey, California. The campus is within walking distance of a slew of shops and attractions, a duck pond that provides paddle boats, and the famous Fisherman’s Wharf. MPC offers many different types of classes and programs for roughly $26 per unit. This college offers a wide variety of ground campus classes that fit almost any schedule and includes evening classes as well. But that’s not all, students can enjoy several online based courses as well, including internet only classes as well as their living room series – designed for the student who wants a just a little bit of in-class experience. Classes offered at MPC include degrees for Accounting, Nursing, Business Management and Early Child hood Education. Individual personal interest and elective course include astronomy, dance, art and music lessons. Visit www.mpc.edu for details.

Merced College

Merced College is not only affordable, but it offers a lucrative classroom experience for the rural parts of Central California. With 2 campus located in Los Banos and Merced, Students can travel the express shuttle bus that provides speedy transportation between the 2 campuses. Both online and ground based courses are available for a reasonable $26 per unit. Associates degree programs include Child Development, Criminal Justice, Computer Technology and Nursing degrees. Their website can be found at www.mccd.edu.

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Heald College

This college is a privately owned college. The unique benefits are that they have campuses located through California, Oregon and Hawaii. For the would be student this is a great option if you think you may be moving around a bit. Plus – Their degree programs include great options such as Healthcare, Business, Legal, and Technology. www.heald.edu.

Los Angeles Community College

A great thing about Los Angeles Community College is that it is one of the largest community college districts in the U.S. – and rivals several world wide districts as well. With 10 campuses to chose from, students can obtain a degree in a multitude of professions – all at an affordable price and within a famous metropolitan area. Fees are $26 per unit for residents of California, and programs are virtually unlimited. One can study anything from Psychology to television production and acting. www.laccd.edu.

Napa Valley College

Located in beautiful wine country – what’s not to love about Napa Valley College? With several campuses located in some of California’s most coveted areas like American Canyon and Calistoga- students can earn their degree and enjoy the great weather and wonderful sites that can only be found in California. Fees are a reasonable $26 per unit for California Residents. Course programs include online and ground campus in areas such as Digital Art and Design, Earth Science, and Environmental Science. www.napavalley.edu.