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Top 10 Places to Grow Kentucky Bluegrass

Here are the top 10 places to grow, or ways to grow Kentucky Bluegrass.

1.Drought Tolerance. Kentucky Bluegrass is one of the best grasses that are used in the drought areas. This grass is so easy to maintain at your home. Whether it is a small patch of lawn that is used for xeroscaping, or a huge lawn for your family to have fun with, this won’t take a ton of water to upkeep.

2.Growing a Greener Lush Lawn. This grass is a good grass to have because the maintenance is so low. It doesn’t take much to have it mowed, put a little fertilizer on, and go on your way. Having a sprinkler system will make things easier on you. How can this get much easier anyway?

3. Grows in the Shade. This lawn doesn’t take direct sun in order to grow to a luscious green color. Whether you put this down as seed, or as sod, this care free lawn is one that will make sure it keeps you happy for years and years to come.

4.Will Handle the Direct Sun. For those desert areas, this grass is one that will keep growing in direct sun. In those hot desert summers, this grass will keep growing. Just make sure that you water either in the early morning or late in the evening. Those are the best times and will keep your grass from burning.

5. Good for Desert Areas. In the desert areas, you don’t always get that beautiful soil that you get in the luscious areas where it is mostly humid and damp. So for rough and clay-like soils this grass will grow. This grass has a shallow root system, so it doesn’t take much for this to root well and grow well.

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6. If it Gets Patchy, It’s Easy to Fix. If something does go wrong, and you get a disease in your grass, with the proper disease killer, it is easy to patch the area that has turned brown and fix it. Whether you want to fix this hole with seed or if you want to use sod, either way will work well as long as you keep that area well moistened while the wound in the grass is healing.

7. Topsoil Amount is Less. When you originally put your seed or sod down, the amount that you put down is less than what you would have to put down with other grasses. 3-4 inches is all that is needed for this lawn since it doesn’t take much to root.

8. Fertalizers. Fertilizers are a lot like vitamins are for our bodies. They keep us healthy, as well as fertilizers will keep our lawns healthy. If you have questions about what type to use, it depends on what type of lawn you have and also what type of area you are in. Make sure you ask.

9. Cool Damp Spots. Kentucky Bluegrass is also a grass that will do well in a cooler environment that is humid. You can get away with a lot when it comes to Kentucky Bluegrass than you can with most.

10. Water Reducer. When it comes to our most precious resource, water, Kentucky Bluegrass and water doesn’t have to be printed on the same page. It really doesn’t take a lot to get this grass growing, and to keep it up. Maintaining it is so easy. You’ll have more time to kick back and take it easy when it comes to Kentucky Bluegrass. A wise choice no matter where you are!

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