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Top 10 Old Fashioned Kids Party Games

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Modern kids may never have played some of these old fashioned kids party games. If you don’t tell kids these are old school, they won’t know. These games encourage plenty of lively interaction and riots of laughter. Why not teach this gadget-loving generation how to have some good old fashioned fun? Twists are included for some of these old fashioned kids party games.

1. Hot Potato
Believe it or not, this old fashioned kids party game was once played with an actual hot potato. The potato was passed quickly from player to player. Whoever dropped it was O-U-T out. Last player standing was the winner. For a modern twist on this burning hot game, how about using a ball and a timer? The person caught holding the ball when the buzzer goes off is out. Reset the timer until all but one player is eliminated.

2. Balloon Race
For this old fashioned kids party game, kids do a relay race with balloons on spoons. It’s tons of fun just the way it is. How about adding a twist? Once each player reaches the finish, they must pop their balloon before the next player can continue. How do they pop the balloon? By sitting on it, of course. Kids will love this laugh riot of a game.

3. Telephone
Isn’t it funny how a message gets twisted when passed from one person to another? That’s the premise of the telephone game. In this old fashioned kids party game, children form a line. The first child whispers a phrase in the next child’s ear. This continues down the line until the last player recites the phrase out loud. The results can be hilarious. This game is twisted enough without any revisions.

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4. Pin the Tail on the Donkey
Children are blind-folded for this game, but that’s not enough. Now they must try to pin a paper tail to a paper donkey hanging on the wall. The one closest to the goal wins. We’re all familiar with this old fashioned kids party game. How about replacing the donkey and tail with a monkey and banana? Monkeys and bananas are always good for a laugh.

5. Sack Race
Kids hop into a potato sack for this mad jumping race across the lawn. Do they even make potato sacks any more? I’m not sure. I guess you could use a garbage bag, but that might bust on the way across the yard. This calls for a modern twist. How about some old pillowcases? They’re just about the right size for kids to use as potato sack race substitutes.

6. Musical Chairs
In the old fashioned kids party game, chairs are placed in a circle, facing outward. Start with one chair less than the number of kids you have. Kids walk around the chairs. Music is played and stopped intermittently. When the music stops, kids scramble to sit. The player left without a chair is out. Another chair is removed and the fun begins again. For a fun twist, why not play some popular dance music? Kids can dance around the chairs in the silliest fashion possible. Prize given to the craziest dancer and the last kid sitting.

7. Three Legged Race
This old fashioned kids party game requires teamwork. Players race to the finish line together in teams of two. The old fashioned twist? Their left and right legs are tied together. The “middle” combined leg of each team must move together to finish the race. Ready for a challenging twist for older kids? Each player must balance a tennis ball on the palm of their outside hand, without closing their fist.

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8. Penny Pitch
In the old fashioned party game, kids pitch pennies onto a grid with points marked. Each player gets three pennies to pitch. The one with the highest combined points wins. It’s a fun game, even without a twist. How about making things a little more challenging for older kids? Position empty cups, bottles and jars on different surface levels with points given for each goal.

9. Bean Bag Toss
Toss three bean bags into holes made in a standing piece of plywood. Make a goal and win a prize. Make two goals and win a bigger prize. Three goals, one for each beanbag tossed, gets you the largest prize. That’s the old fashioned kids party game. How about another twist for older kids? Suspend the plywood from a tree or clothesline outdoors. A spinning goal is much harder to toss bean bags through.

10. Animal Charades
This fun, old fashioned kids party game has kids imitating their favorite animals. Each player has a turn imitating an animal, while the other players try to guess the animal. The player that guesses, takes a turn at portraying animals. This game has no prizes but continues on as long as the kids want to play. For a twist, how about a small prize for each correct guess? Older kids can twist the game up a bit by changing the category from animals to movies or song titles, like the adult game of charades.

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