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Top 10 Minecraft Seeds

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What are the top 10 Minecraft seeds? In my opinion the following list below are my personal favorite Minecraft seeds to use, and you may have different opinions from me. Anyways I hope you enjoy my top 10 Minecraft seeds below.

The 10th Minecraft seed on my list is 404. Although it is fun to play, and can be quite challenging depending on the rules you use it can get boring. The reason it gets boring for me is because my favorite areas are the desert, and ice type areas. I do not know why I just prefer those type of seeds, and that is why the seed 404 is number 10 on my top 10 Minecraft seed list.

The 9th Minecraft seed on my list is Gargamel. I chose this seed for my 9th seed because because you usually spawn inside a valley between a chain of mountains. As I stated before I prefer desert, and ice type seeds. However Mountain, and seeds with a lot of water around are my secondary favorite type of Minecraft seeds.

The 8th Minecraft seed on my list is Wave Race 64. The reason I chose this Minecraft seed for the 8th spot is because It has both mountains, and a lot of water near where I spawned. Since I said I also liked areas with a lot of water, and mountains as well is the reason why this minecraft seed beats the 9th minecraft seed.

The 7th Minecraft seed on my top 10 Minecraft seed list is Discord. Normally this would be a bit higher on the list, but I have a few seeds that beat this in my opinion due to the land formations. This Minecraft seed has a lot of sand, and is one of the biggest desert seeds I have ever seen.

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The 6th Minecraft seed on the list is Netherlands. The main reason why this mountainous Minecraft seed is higher up then the previous desert seed is because the land formations are awesome. One thing I like to do when I get bored of my favorite type of biomes is build huge networks in the side of mountain type areas, and I can do that with this Minecraft seed.

The 5th Minecraft seed on my top 10 Minecraft seeds list is Lliam. There are several reason why this seed is number 5. The first reason is that this is the name of one of my favorite lets players on YouTube. The second reason is because there is a area where there is a good amount of snow, and has a awesome spot to build a house. In case some of you where wondering what Lliams YouTube channel name is it is Overthegun.

The 4th Minecraft seed on my list is Mars. The reason why I chose this is because this is one of my personal favorite minecraft seeds due to the fact it has an exposed dungeon with a spawner inside of it.

The 3rd Minecraft seed on my top 10 Minecraft seeds list is Absolutezero. The reason why i chose this seed is because it has a good amount of snow, and it name represents the coldest temperature many have tried to reach.

The 2nd Minecraft seed on my Minecraft seed list is -6555642694674147910. The reason why I chose this Minecraft seed is because it has several mountains that kind of look like a tree from in the sky. It also has a small desert on top of a mountain for me to have fun with as well.

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The number 1 seed on my top Minecraft seed list is Creepers. There are several reasons why I chose this seed as the number 1 seed. The first reason is a good amount of dungeons, and spawners spawn near the spawn location. The second reason is that it usually means there are a lot of mossy cobblestone. The last reason is because it usually adds a good amount of risk since there are so many spawners near you usually that makes this Minecraft seed a challenge.